10/12 College Game Day

Noticed that the officiating is just as shitty as in the NFL.

Another good one with TT/Bay. Going into overtime.

Not WI this year

We won’t know that until they play. Right now everything about Wisconsin looks good on paper, but the individual pieces are not up to Ohio State. I would love to see a special year out of Wisconsin, but I also can’t see where they can match up with OSU in the final score results.

As much as I dislike Ohio St, I just don’t see them losing against anyone in the Big Ten. I think they are better without Urban Meyer. No distractions with Day. He’ll be coaching in the NFL within 5 years.

I hope USC beats ND.

In other Big 10 news
Rutgers throws for 1 yard passing in 35-0 loss to Indiana.

They didn’t pound the shit out of Michigan and MSU “on paper”. Jus sayin

The depth at WR in this next draft is going to be insane.

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Well, OSU is a class above UM and MSU.

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Overalll, a great day of college ball! Some good football, some surprises and bad officiating. A solid day.

Neither one of those teams is as good as OSU. Ohio State is on another level.

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Notre Dame got away with one, notice Brian Kelly out on the field during the onside kick.

If Kelly was smart, he’d wear gold pants…really confuse the refs.

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Ryan Day is made to look better than he really is by getting Justin Fields, give him Shea Patterson or Lawerke and let’s see how good OSU would be…just saying.

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That I agree with 100%

But that doesn’t mean WI isn’t on Ohio States Level

But he does have Justin Fields. Why is that a knock against Day?
OSU wouldn’t put up with having 3rd rate QBs like Patterson and Lawerke.
Fields wanted to play for Day because of the offense he ran. Why would you want to go to UM or MSU as a QB and play in the restricting offenses with insipid coaching?
Harbaugh has no one to blame but himself. Harbaugh has a big time college program, he played QB in the NFL, he took a team to the SB as a HC. If he can’t recruit a decent QB with those credentials, why is that Day’s fault?

Not every QB wants to go to every school, no matter who the coach or program is. You’re like saying that Saban sucks because he didn’t get Fields to come there. Fields was looking to play right away and OSU needed a QB. It doesn’t mean that Day is a better coach or recruiter than anyone else.

Not sure where I mentioned anything about Saban, but whatever.
And fine, you win…Harbaugh is a much better coach and recruiter than Day. Happy?
Let me know how the UM-OSU game goes in a few weeks.

Still recovering from doc perv.