**10/19 College Football Thread**

Ranked Games
Oregon vs Washington @ 3:30pm
Arizona State vs Utah @ 6pm
Michigan vs Penn State @ 7:30pm

Gonna be a uphill battle for a Michigan team that can’t hold onto the football.

They need a perfect game and so far this year that looks like a pipe dream. Penn St wins.

Oregon v Washington should be an interesting game even for fans with no dog in the fight

As well as the NFL. Might as well fuck Michigan too. Put Goodell & Harbaugh in a barrel and toss them into the Niagara River.


Patterson is a D2 QB at best. Can we please move on from him… NOW

Goodell’s a cheat. Harbaugh is just a bad coach. Totally different

Fire that clown!

Harbaugh doesn’t know what the fuck he’s doing.

He hasn’t been able to develop a top QB since he’s been there. That’s lousy coaching and recruiting.

Get Patterson the F out of there!!!

He’s garbage.

Hire Urban Meyer. He was essentially fired by OSU, he wants revenge. On second thought, California pays their players soon, all the good recruits are going to California. He should pick USC.

Yet ANOTHER brilliant Harbaugh decision

Dat white feller on PennState is Fast!

Bring back Don Beebe

He dropped it.

I see your Don Beebe, and I raise you Tim Dwight.

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Not sure what else Patterson could have done on that last play.

The Kansas-Texas game was a great game.

It was a perfect strike. A 7th grader would make that catch.