10 Bold Predictions for the NFL Draft


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You know i like what he did at the end, guessing at who Mr. Irrelevant will be. Maybe we should do something like that 1 year.

Andrew Thomas as the sixth offensive tackle? That would really surprise me.

I actually picked Higgins as the high profile guy to slide in the thread that we had on that topic. I don’t think it’s quite that far though.

Some nice bold predictions there …

I am fully on board thinking that Tua will FALL — the hype will be just that … hype
Bad news for Quinn who may be forced to take Okudah at three
I’ve been thinking that this is NOT shaping up well for trade back hopes

I can see Ruggs as first wr taken — Iggy will deserve credit if that happens — I believe he was the first to say he was the cream of the crop

Washington could very well take Young only to trade him or Sweat
But there is the OT wildcard in there …

If there are that many high quality OTs in the draft, Lions could take one in R2 or R3

If RBs fall like that, Lions may wait until R4 to take one

It’s very possible that day 3 could turn into a logistical nightmare but I think you can have multiple “zooms” on the go and work through it. Interesting thought though …

Interesting article!

That’s why I keep saying the price of moving up may be considerably less than past years. Best case scenario may be No. 39 overall (which in and of itself is fine–another starter).

About the technical end of it. Haven’t heard of read anything about bumping up time limits on selections. Especially day three drafts.

No RBs taken in Round 1? I could see that happening as teams scramble for CBs, WRs, OTs, and edge rushers figuring they can get a RB later.

Whatever it is it WILL NOT be the haul some here imagine
Tua is likely to “fall” — maybe out of top 10
Maybe to bottom of first round
I think some are going to be shocked

If Quinn can find a reasonable trade down the value will be MUCH LESS than people think it should be and there will be screaming that Quinn is a moron.
I can see it now
There likely won’t be anybody at three that teams are going to be desperate to land so, the trade value will drop, heavily

It’s probably a good bet

KC drafts Swift… SB winner, back to back

I find the polarization on Tee Higgins fascinating.

I see a lot of draftnicks dogging him, but I like him. And I get the questions on his agility and athletic testing. But there is no way he will bust out completely. At worst, he’s a possession guy on the outside. I mean, you can’t do what he has done without having some ability. I like these sort of WRs for Stafford. He does well with them. I see a guy who can maybe play a big slot or spell the other two lanky guys, and then you figure one or both of the starters are gone next year and he can step up.

  1. Herbert before Tua
  2. Andrew Thomas 1st OT taken
  3. Dobbins first RB off the board in round #1
  4. Grant Delpit first S taken and in round #1
  5. WR’s Ruggs, Lamb then Jeudy
  6. DT Brown goes top 5
  7. Tua falls out of top 10
  8. Lions trade back into first round
  9. The NFL will not go to a commercial during the Lions time on the clock in round #1
  10. Isaiah Simmons does not get drafted in the top 9 picks

Tee Higgins is a great football name, like Teez Tabor. Seriously, in the 3rd, I’m in.