10% from every player, coach, hell

10% of their salary from everyone in a position to know in the entire Astros organization, and then fine the organization 25% of what their payroll is AND make them return all the money they made in the playoffs, every dime. Screw those guys, this was more than just a little wrong.

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yea I’m curious what verlander thinks, he’s been very outspoken about cheating, the way the MLB rejiggers the baseballs, etc.

or is it ok now that he won?


What happened?

In 2017 and into 2018 the Astros were cheating by stealing signs so the batters knew what was coming their way. They were fined $5 million, some coaches were fired and they lost some draft picks. It’s bull shit, the players conspired and have culpability in this. The reason they didn’t do the right thing is because they want it to go away as fast as possible.

oh wow

Its alleged it went as far as wearing electronic device’s that would tell them what pitch was coming…

titles should be stripped. People should be banned for extended periods. This isn’t one bad apple. This is an entire organization cheating. I’m not watching baseball for quite some time.

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It’s baseball. Does anyone really care for a dying sport.

Nope. No one should. That’s why the PGA is the best there is. Pretty much no officials influencing the great game. Golf will soon be the #3 most bet on sport in North America behind football and basketball.

Talk about boring.

May be, but it’s ran right.

I’d be all for every player that took advantage to be banned for at least 1 year, and possibly more. I mean if you gamble on the sport it’s friggin LIFETIME.

I haven’t watched a ton of news on it, but enough to see they caught them using the centerfield camera and using buzzers under the jersey. I’m disgusted. Its so far removed from typical gamesmanship and sign stealing as an art.

And being in the greater Tampa area I watched one of their pitchers get rocked by the Astros during the ALDS and he was really good too. I found it bizarre then, and I thought maybe he was tipping his pitches. It doesn’t just effect the World Series. The Astros may not have even been in the World Series. They stole it.

Baseball has to do something bigger.

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How does anyone know that all teams don’t do this?

The Astros just got caught.

Have to wonder if stealing signs really worked, how did they still win games on the road? Astros still won 2 games in Los Angeles the year they won the world series.

How do you know that they do? LOL, yeah, the Astro’s just got caught. You fine the piss out of them and THEN if other teams want to do it let them at their own peril. And if other teams are doing it, at the level these dicks were, why hasn’t anyone come forward? I mean players get cut and traded all the time and many of them aren’t happy about it, you don’t think if this was as widespread as you think that someone would have talked? Please…

Fiers was the only one stupid enough to alert the media. If he didn’t do that, none of this comes out and might have been an internal dealing.

I guess only one guy did steroids…only one guy used foreign materials to scuff or mark balls to get an advantage on pitching…your head in the sand makes you look foolish.

Oh so the fact that someone did what I suggested makes ME look foolish? LOL, got it. So AN INDIVIDUAL does steroids or scuffs balls is the same as an entire organization gaming the system? Way to school me bro, you might be the smartest guy on this board. I’m going to keep my eye on you.

If basketball or football adopted golf’s policy of letting viewers call in to point out rules infractions and have them reviewed via replay;

1- Basketball games would be 10 hours with all the traveling and palming calls

2- The Packers would go 0-16 every year.

And the PGA is “the best there is” as long as Tiger Woods doesn’t retire. We saw what happened when he was off the tour, we saw what happened when we came back. Add in the fact that rounds of golf are declining and millennials are spending their cash elsewhere…you are watching a declining sport.

Things are starting to heat up, I hope they torch those assholes. Don’t worry though, there’s no crying in baseball.