10 things Lions fans need to brace for in the 2020 NFL Draft

My itchy mind is telling me…No Chase Young.

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Hope he’s wrong about RB.


I hope he’s wrong about a lot of things.

I think the Lions will trade down and have the choice between Okudah and Brown. Then take Brown over Okudah. Upsetting a lot of fans in the process.

I think the Lions will trade up at some point. Probably for a DB in late round two.

McTelvin Agim is a strong possibility. I do think we will take a DT later in the draft. Even if we take Brown but I think it will be round 4 or 5.

I think there’s a chance we draft a punter but if we do it at 109 then BQ should be fired. We have too many needs to be drafting a punter at the start of round 4. My gut tells me we add a punter but more likely in round 5 or 6.

I am afraid he might be right on the RB. I want a RB early but I’m not sure the Lions view it that way. The only way I see us taking a RB 3rd round or higher is if we trade down from 3OA to stock pile picks. I believe we will go trenches with our first two picks. Likely DT and OT.

  1. My initial prediction was no trade and they draft Okudah at 3 because Quinn backed himself into a corner with the Slay situation. I’m sticking with that.

  2. Quinn’s adamant refusal to draft an EDGE until the 6th round could be a major reason why the DL gets almost zero pressure on opposing QBs.

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I agree with you on this.
I hope he is looking at late rounds or even an undrafted free agent punter.
He said they won’t be signing too many UDFs, so maybe they can target one and entice him in.
I think RB will only be addressed early if we get extra picks in a trade down.
Even then they might settle for what they have. and another retread.

The Lions have two injury-prone RBs in KJ and Bo.

What they lack most at the position (especially with McKissic gone) is that versatile change-of-pace back. CEH is a Darren Sproles type that can do it all. He’d fit in perfectly and if need be can be a #1 back.

They’ve got to see the crying need there. I think this draft, with everything potentially on the line for them, they are going to cover all their bases.

Further, if they can trade down 3 from and get more draft capital, say up to 12 picks, they can move around to get players that can contribute in year 1. That includes a RB, but could also include a DT, Edge, CB, WR, G, and punter. That’s 7 players. With a trade down, it’s doable.

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I’m curious if that’s really the consensus.

It feels like there’s a lot of people who are resigned to the idea of picking Okudah rather than a lot excited by him. Sure, you’ll have your share of people who prefer Okudah over Brown, but I don’t think there would be outrage here about getting the top interior DL guy after a trade down.

Well this is an opinion piece so he’s mostly just throwing stuff at the wall and hoping it sticks, but I happen to agree with him on a lot of it. Sometimes I feel like I’ve been alone in hoping we wait to draft RB (I’ve gone over my reasons plenty of times), so it’s not hard for me to wrap my mind around that one. Every time I do a mock I don’t nab a RB until the 5th round or later (unless one falls to the 3rd, which never happens).

I also agree with us waiting on an edge guy (unless we get Young), I even made a whole post about it (Long, strong edge rushers with no bend). It fits the pattern.

I think Brown has become criminally underrated around here and would have no problem if he was the pick. You want a guy who will hit the ground running? He’s it. He’d be one of those picks everyone hated, until they loved it.

I’ve also mocked tackle to us far more than G cause the depth is just so much better. Move Vaitai inside rather than reach for an interior guy. There’s also lots of guys who might be able to play both, like one of my faves Bartch.

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So how do Shelton and Brown see the field at the same time? Often times that would require playing Brown at 5T. Brown is definitely a good prospect. I think 3 is too high but he’ll be a really good DT for a long time.

The OT approach opens up the option of trading a bit further down provided we like all of the top three. Seems like Becton slides a little now.

That was my biggest takeaway too, brother!

You’re making a lot of sense to me, brother! If we do go T early, my level of want for a top RB will go up too. LOL.

So you never seen Harris and Robinson of the field at same time ?

Sure. But I wouldn’t expend a top 3 pick to have a jumbo sized run stuffing 5T. I fear that’s what you are getting when Shelton and Brown are together in a 3 man front. Maybe we play with four down lineman more often. Or perhaps Shelton becomes this year’s Jesse James as overpriced depth.

I just don’t see it being as good of a fit as say Okudah.

I think unlike most sheer NTs, Brown can get pressure on the QB. He’s like Dexter Lawrence and Vita Vea in that respect except a better version of those guys. And to me that makes him something of a unicorn. His tape is unbelievable, especially since it comes against the cream of the college crop in the SEC. I understand why all the experts rate him so highly.

If we play he and Shelton together, no one will be able to run on us. It’ll go from a weakness to a strength overnight. And for me, absolutely stuffing the opponent’s run game is best thing a defense can do. It’s what I loved so much about the 2014 D, and if you can do it with one or two guys, it opens so much of the defense up. Over the long haul I think Brown would replace Shelton, but in the short term I think they can form a formidable tandem.

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I think the best thing to do defensively varies week to week depending on the opponent. I’m pretty sure Patricia feels similarly.

Being horrible against the run is an easy way to lose a ton of games of course. We shouldn’t be terrible at stopping the run with our current guys though. If Shelton stays healthy I think we’re solid against the run.

I’m not going to freak out over Brown at 3. To be honest my disappointment will mostly just be about getting stuck at three in the first place.

Yeah, I agree with that. Whatever we do I’d like a trade down first. And I would still take Okudah over Brown personally but Brown would be my second choice.

I don’t see one mention of WR. Is that because he predicts WR isn’t noteworthy enough to be brace worthy? I think we get Okudah at 3 and pick up a WR in round 3 after getting OL in Rd 2.