11 Fourth Quarter losses

I heard on the radio that we’ve lead in 11 games in the 4th quarter under MP and lost.

I used to think our late quarter wins under Caldwell were not sustainable…but at least losing leads under MP is.
Go get em, Bluto!

But…but 9-7 isn’t good enough.

In 33 games…

Patricia’s ineptitude doesn’t mean Caldwell should have been retained.

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Nope. But Caldwells record sure does. Unless you dislike head coaches with winning records? I can understand why the Lions would can their most winning HC of all time, after he was coming off b2b winning seasons. He won too much for this organization time to go.


33 games
9 wins (27.3%)
1 tie with a Q4 lead lost (3%)
10 losses with a Q4 lead lost (30.3%)
13 losses losing all the way through Q4 (39.4%)

Even though everyone is talking about Q4 losses, its the last one that is the worst stat. Nearly 40% of games Patricia’s Lions aren’t even competitive.


You want the problem with the 4th quarter blown leads? Here it is in a nutshell. 11 games and we have a whopping 4 sacks in those games and one forced over. At a time when you know exactly what your opponent has to do, you cannot get home with a pass rush and can’t create turnovers because of it. at this point I think the only things Patricia is good at defending is the buffet line


Interestingly, you can make it 12 with an asterisk. Since it was a first quarter lead.

Two weeks. Both scenarios happened lol.