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The daily rate is high and that’s why we have to stay home

110… Agreed, this is why those most at risk should probably stay home. Those that want/need to be out, do it - just be respectful use common sense.

And remember, this is only from testing the very sick! There are likely thousands or 10s of thousands more that’ll never get tested be just fine.

This is killing the very sick at a 1-2% rate. The other 80%+/- that have it and get over it will never be in those statistics.

Read about the Spanish flu of 1918.

Crazy stuff. How soon we forget our recent past.

Killed 50 million people in 13-14 weeks! And that’s a low estimate with some saying it could have been as high as 100 million worldwide.

And the scariest part about this disease. It killed the 20-49 year old demographic at a never seen before rate. An all-time recorded history type of death rate for the youngest and healthiest portion of the population.

The elderly still were effected but at much lower rates which some have traced back to a horse virus in 1872 that killed off nearly all the horses on the eastern seaboard. They believe that people alive at that time may have developed an immunity that helped them fight of the strain that killed so many in 1918.

A Pandemic is no joke.

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Military is involved now . Hospital need lot of help

475 death on Italy yesterday

If that Spanish Flu happened today with the same death rate of 1918…

…it would kill between 250-450 million people worldwide.

My hands have never been so clean in all my life.

interesting fact: It’s only called the “Spanish Flu” because Spain was not at war and were the first to publish recorded accounts of the break-out. The other effected nations were all at war and under strict censorship and did not publish accounts of this disease to their enemies, even though every nation was suffering from the deadly flu breakout.

It’s unproven to this day…but they have good evidence that the Spanish flu jumped from pigs to humans in Nebraska. Some good ol’ Nebraskan Farm Boys likely kicked off the world Pandemic.

Did not know that.

I hope we learn from this. All things considered covid19 is not that bad. The next pandemic could be much worse. I hope the world is better prepared in the future

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