14 playoff teams this year

In each conference, you have the 4 division winners plus 3 wildcard teams. In 2020.

On Tuesday via teleconference, NFL owners decided to expand the playoff field from 12 to 14, effective immediately, as first reported by NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport. This was one of many stipulations in the new collective bargaining agreement, but the move still had to be approved by owners to be put into place for the upcoming seasons.

This new setup means that there will be seven teams that make the playoffs per division, with the wild card extended from two teams to three. To accommodate the odd number of teams per conference, a bye week will now only be awarded to the No. 1 seed in each conference. The rest of the playoff field will play in Wild Card weekend.

For the Detroit Lions, it means a greater chance at making the postseason during what could be a make-or-break season for both head coach Matt Patricia and general manager Bob Quinn.

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Getting the bye provides a huge advantage. The last team to make the SB without a bye are 2012 Ravens. NFL also needs to make sure that the teams playing on Sunday DO NOT play on Saturday the following week. That is too much of a disadvantage.


Cant wait for the Lions to go 7-9 but just miss the expanded playoff format and then the Fords give Quinn and Patricia the 3 year extension participation award.


This. Of all the years to happen, it’s this year. If the Lions fail to make the playoffs, even as the lowest seed this year, Quinntricia should be gone. The single thing that could get them an extention is winning the division, even if they flame out in the playoffs.

If the Lions win the division then they should not be fired. They still got a couple of years left on their current, so IMHO no extension is warranted.

Quinn and Patricia will be back regardless of the Lions record. They still have 3 years on their contract. The Fords are not going to fire them at the end of the year when they will still owe the 2 of them around $20 million or whatever. They don’t like to pay more than 1 person to do a shitty job.
They will cite the coronavirus as having an effect on the Lions in 2020 and say that it really hindered the efforts. There will be something…

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I really don’t think so, anything less than 9 wins and Q&P are both gone. They fired Caldwell after going 9-7, so I think the slack is gone and it’s time to show results.

Quinn was the driving force to boot Caldwell out. If not for Quinn trying to get his buddy a job, Caldwell would have been retained as the HC.

People who don’t think Quinn and Patricia will be back are just angry fans and not seeing the situation based on reality. Guess I have just accepted that they are here for at least 2 more seasons minimum (barring some massive explosion).

I like the playoff format. They needed to do something to make the last few weeks of the season mean something. Week 17 outside of a game or two were basically like a preseason game. I like that the best team gets the bye only. But they need to change seeding with division winners getting a playoff spot but then all seeds are based on record and tiebreakers.

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All Martha wants is to “be in playoff contention”. With this expanded format, it’s basically 2 wins or more and you’re going to be in “contention” on Thanksgiving.

Worst ownership in sports history, with a bar that gets lower every year.

The playoff format was fine the way it was. Putting more teams in would just cheapen the regular season.
Look at the other leagues. I remember when the NHL had 21 teams and 16 of them made the playoffs. I haven’t watched a hockey game in 15 years, but it really is in tough shape because it is more of a regional sport. The season seems like it goes on forever and the regular season seems pointless.
The NBA used to have 23 teams and 16 would make the playoffs. Now days, there are about 3 or 4 teams that have a legit chance of winning the championship. The players don’t even care about the regular season.
Baseball has so many games that it really is almost impossible to follow a team hard core unless you have nothing else to do. It is almost turned into a regional sport as well. The Tigers are so bad, it’s hard to even care about MLB. MLB wants to let more teams in the playoffs, increasing the wild card play in games. 162 games aren’t enough?

The NCAA basketball is similar. When the team that finishes in 8th place in a conference makes the tournament…what’s the point?

The NFL is different, even with the wildcard teams. I would like it if just the division winners made it. Each game would be that much more important. I get it…without the wild card, the Lions will be more or less playing out the string after 5 games instead of 8 or 9 as they usually are. Adding more teams is just going to cheapen the regular season. I get the owners make big bucks off playoff games, but it really waters the regular season down.
Even with the Lions sucking, most people will watch other NFL teams.

I might be wrong but my understanding was that when Patricia was hired he was given a 5 year contract, not 6, and Quin’s contract was extended so that both of their contracts end on the same year (2022). So no they are not under contract for 3 more years, they have 2 years left on their contracts.

The Lions announced Friday they agreed to terms with general manager Bob Quinn on a contract extension that matches the one given to new head coach Matt Patricia. Each contract is for five years, running through 2022, a source informed of the situation told NFL Network’s Tom Pelissero.

If their contract runs through 2022, isn’t that 3 years? 2020, 2021, ans 2022?

Right now, they are under contract for 3 more seasons, right? But when this season is over they will have 2 years left, true? IMHO, if this team finishes under .500 then Q&P are gone.

They have 3 more years on their contracts. Patricia has only been the Head Failure for 2 years. He has 3 more years and that was the main reason these clowns were brought back. They will back in 2021 too regardless of the fact that the Lions will win between 3 and 6 games yet again. The Fords aren’t firing these guys when they still have 2 years left on their contracts. The Fords will use the coronavirus as an excuse that it wasn’t fair to these guys. They don’t want to have to pay the last 2 years on their contracts and hire new people.

I cannot agree with this. I am not a betting person, can’t afford to lose, but there’s no way Q&P keep their jobs in 2021 if the Lions don’t win at least 8 games. This is of course assuming the Lions play all of their 16 games. Put another way, regardless of how many games they play, if the Lions end up below .500 I think Quinn and Patricia are out what the cost is to eat their contracts. The cost to the franchise would outweigh whatever those contracts are worth.

I hope you are right, but I just don’t see the Fords eating their contracts. They had a chance to try to fix their mistake at the end of last year but gave a big middle finger to the fans instead because they didn’t want to eat the $30 million or whatever is left on the 2 contracts. Although I do imagine they are probably near the bottom for the amount per year in the NFL.

The Fords have never been about winning. The Lions are a cash cow and why pay $20-30 more million and fire your coach and GM when it doesn’t matter if the product on the field is good or not. The TV contracts are huge whether the team sucks or not. The fans are going to come because it is the NFL and there are only 8 games a year in Detroit. It really is a great racket.

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Spot on. Plus, every coach they hire, is some bum has been or a never was or will be. No coach ever leaves Detroit and becomes a head coach elsewhere. There’s a reason for that. They were bad, cheap, lazy hirings. Same goes for GM. Now, sure handing away free millions to that moron Millen for no reason wasn’t cheap by a normal person’s standard, but in the NFL it was a cheap lazy move. Extending him was also really dumb and lazy and unwarranted. Just like keeping the 2 clowns in place after that debacle last year, where they lost the locker room and had guys shitting on their desks on the way out. I’m convinced Martha is batty and has no clue where she is or who she is at this point, and everyone around her is just taking advantage of her check book.

Anyone who thinks she and her family care about winning, is off base in my opinion. You don’t accept failure for 6 decades and keep recycling know nothing losers in the 2 most important positions. You don’t extend the GM after he botches his first 2 off seasons. You keep churning and looking and searching for new blood.

The fact that once Mayhew got canned, she had to go to the NFL for help on who to hire, just shows how stupid it was to fire him in the first place. Was Mayhew good? F no, but why fire him when you have no clue on how to hire his replacement? Also, why in gods name were you not looking for his replacement the ENTIRE year before you fired him?

The have a whole board of directors and they should have started looking to replace Quinntricia like last October. Instead they set the bar even lower, got lazy again and just let them stick around for no reason when neither have shown a single sign that they can handle their jobs. It’s lunacy.

Mayhew is like the God of GMs compared with Bob Quinn.

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LOL. Yeah, he’s a significant upgrade, but a good owner doesn’t accept just below average. They should never stop looking to improve and upgrade. The Lions ownership has always been lazy, cheap and stupid when it comes to hiring GMs and coaches. 1 time. Just 1 time they could have broken the bank and given someone like Andy Reid, Parcells, or even Gruden full control and shown the fans they are going all in. Not grabbing the 5th best assistant on the Pats team. That’s cheap and lazy.

I guess that is what i get for taking a quick look at the board while at work. My mistake i apologize.