2-0-1 start is a progress,thats like kicking the fans

If quinn and paricia are saying that 2-0-1 start is a progress, they can convince that only to somebody who is above 90 years old.If the old lady is saying 2-0-1 is progress,she is trying to save her money that she had pay them for the next 3 years.She dont have no caring for the fans and basically calling out fans by that statement .When quninn and patricia say 2-0-1 is a progress you can see they are not real people and will do any cover up to save their job.Look the cheating they did to cover staffords injury,they are reatianed for another year after cheating background.Even though it took time for vremil and dungy to win , you win in long run by honesty.Same thing with pete carrol too, they win doing the right things

ever heard of a guy named Bill Belichick? LOL

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That’s were u fail, Quinn and Patricia is not billicheck and they do not resemble anything even close to a billicheck team. There 100 times closer to a marnelli team then the billicheck team u all crave. Some live on fantasy island.

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It gets tiring watching people justify this pathetic regime.

I cannot understand how folks here want to compare the Quinntricia era to another franchise that “turned it around in year 3”.

All but 1 other franchise in the league has a better track record than the Lions, and even the Browns may have a better history.

The teams that “turned it around in year 3”, didn’t inherit a team that came off back to back 9-7 seasons and a playoff appearance.

The teams that “turned it around in year 3” didn’t inherit a franchise QB.

There was no rebuild here. The roster was good enough to have back to back winning seasons with Caldwell as coach. The GM fired him (ok by me) and replaced him with a dufus. The jagoff GM has also depleted the talent on this team every year he has been here.


For those with reading comprehension deficiency, ESPN baby said “, you win in long run by honesty”…I was pointing out that wasn’t necessarily true. Bill Belichick has won A LOT with DISHONESTY. (aka cheating) I wasn’t defending ANYONE.


Why do you even follow the team?

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Big mouse, but i am telling you that belichick record will have a question mark at the end.But vremil,carrol and dungy will always earns respect and their legacy will be remebered

Quinn and Patricia should be sad for retained because they dont get 3 years free money without working

I follow all local teams. I love sports. I’m not one to jump ship and jump on the bandwagon of another team. For better or for worse, I follow the Lions.

Should I just make excuses and be an apologist?

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Staffords mistake against cardinals and raiders cost lions to be not 5-3. Please don’t mention mvp season for Stafford , this year also he screwed easy games

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Nice clip board , other qbs all are in playoffs now . First need to learn to convert a 3 rd down,It’s not hard , he always over complicate things by his own mistakes


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