If I told you in August that our record after 5 games is 2-2-1 how many of you would have been happy with that?

We’re still OKAY. We still control our destiny.

Assuming the damn refs stay out of the way…

Perspective. This one hurt, but it was expected. Next week is one we gotta have to hold par. And Minny looks damn tough.


At the end we should’ve won ever game, so 2-2-1 are just wasted numbers.

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So let me get this straight? Based on the OP’s post regarding who would have been happy BEFORE the beginning of the season to have been at this record oh, then you must be saying that you expected the Lions to be 5-0 before the season started after 5 games. Is that what you’re saying? Or did you simply ignore what the poster said and added an your own ‘hot take’ comment.?

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If you told me that we’d be above .500 after the Viking visited Ford Field I’d be happy. Let’s see if we can get there.

Not at all. I’m still pissed about the last two games. When I thought we were the better team. Refs stole them for us. That’s why I’m saying 2-2-1 are wasted numbers.

Fair enough. Got it thanks. Peace :slight_smile:

Lets be real. When the schedule was put out half the people here said we’d be 0-5 right now



When the schedule first came out I figured 2-3 was possible (2-4 counting the Vikings game).

So 2-2-1 would make us a whole .5 games better than that.

After the shit storm that we saw in preseason I figured 1-4 (1-5 counting the Vikings game) was very possible as well.

So I’m happy that the preseason wasn’t a complete reflection of what we’re seeing on the field in the regular season, and kind of meh, that we are .5 ahead of my initial thoughts.

Still doesn’t make me feel better about yesterdays jobbing. And nothing I’ve seen makes me think that the Vikings game is going to be an ass whopping just because the players are supposedly going to come out pissed off.

I’ll be working next weekend and probably won’t get to watch the game. Something tells me that might very well be a good thing. Need a break, and definitely ain’t in the mood to watch Cook run all over us, and the Defense swarming Stafford all game long.

If we beat the Vikings and go to 3-2-1, I’ll definitely be happy.

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i get it that these preseason predictions are fun but to take it too seriously means that you somehow knew the 49ers would be undefeated, the eagles barely playing 500 ball, the chiefs are not invincible and that the packers would be 5-1 etc.

going into the season, there’s no 100% correlation between last year’s performance / record and this year’s. so when you try to determine where they’ll be at some point 5 games in before the season based on a perceived strength of schedule which is further based on last year’s results, it’s pretty much a crapshoot and there’s not much science in it.

i think right now we’re getting a feel for what this team is all about and how the competition is shaping up this year in the rest of the league. hovering around 500 isn’t a bad place to be for the lions right now.

on both the positive / negative side, they had multiple opportunities to put away opponents for good in every game regardless of the refs so that they could be sitting atop the division at 5-0. that mean there’s plenty of upside. but it also means that the nagging trend of inability to play consistent complementary football for 4 qtrs every week isn’t getting fixed.

if that underlying trend doesn’t get cleand up, as the season goes on it will be exposed by the competition that rises to the top in the league leaving the leos in that familiar 500 territory they are currently in.

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Good thoughts.

Hopefully we keep getting better and don’t get hosed every game like we did in Green Bay

If, before any games were played, you would tell me we were better that 2-3, I would have been pleased.

However, this season is fast becoming a great big hosing and my BS tolerance is already overflowing. This season has been an in your face of everything wrong in the NFL and with the Lions. So I take little comfort with the current standings.

Sadly we are about 4-5 plays and a ill-timed TO from being 5-0 The story so far has been “Missed Opportunities and a Hose Job in Green Bay”