2017 Draft Redux—Golladay a top 10 pick

Quinn has only been here 4 years, so it would be hard to see too many drafts where the entire class is gone after 3 or 4 years, just saying.

The 2017 draft isn’t stellar, Golladay is the saving grace there but outside of him:
Jarrad Davis - jury is still out on him
Teez Tabor
Jalen Reeves Maybin
Michael Roberts
Jamal Agnew
Jeremiah Lebetter
Brad Kaaya
Pat O’Connor

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I don’t really think the jury is still out on Davis, in terms of simplistic ways to evaluate draft classes. He’s a legit starter in this league. All we are really debating is how good and how consistent he can be. Years ago when I was studying every draft for every team in detail, I noticed that if you could get 2 legit starters out of a draft, it put you in the top half of the league. If you could do it consistently, it elevated your standing as a GM. Quinn nailed 2 legit starters in that draft.

Idk, 2 legit starters seems to be low due to players lost every year to free agency, retirement, injury, etc. Obviously you can get some guys in free agency yourself but if you’re looking to build through your draft, 2 sounds like a low number to me.

As for Davis, I think he’s lucky that Patricia came along. I think Patricia is getting the most out of him that he can but if it wasn’t for Patricia’s defense I think most of us would probably think he was a bust or borderline bust at this point. Even though he seems to have gotten better last year, he was 38th in the league in tackles, his 6 sacks barely puts him in the top 20 of LB’s.

Legit starter is kind of a loose term, Paris Lenon was a legit starter too.

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Don’t you read the board? Every guy on here who underachieves does it because he’s on the Lions and the organization can’t develop the player correctly. Had Teez been drafted by the Saints and Kamara the Lions, Kamara would be playing special teams and Teez would have been all pro last season.


BQ has done very well in the early rounds IMO, Tabor was a huge miss but almost everyone else is contributing to the team this year.

Compare with Mayhew’s last four drafts:

Van Noy

BQ is doing a good job.

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He may have ran that fast in shorts, but he doesn’t play that fast in pads

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If Mayhew is your bench mark, your standards are pretty low. But comparing drafts, it’s not exactly a landslide in favor of Quinn. Isn’t Tomlinson still in the league and starting for the 49ers? I count 8 players there that at one point were at the very least solid starters. Obviously it’s too early to judge the latest draft class, but I’ll give the benefit of the doubt to Hockenson and Tavai and give Quinn 10 solid starters. So yes, Quinn isn’t horrible, but I would still like to see better.

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Mayhew was a mediocre GM. I realize Lions fans are used to being able to put everyone in categories of good or terrible, but Mayhew truly fell somewhere inbetween.


Quin seems to be better at drafting but Mayhew brought-in more talent via trades and free agency.
It’s actually probably closer than people want to believe between the two.
The Teez pick is really the black-eye on Quin’s drafting and brings him much closer to Mayhew in terms of bringing in talent.

I understand what you’re saying.

I know I’m cherry picking but I’m thinking specifically the 2011 draft, the only player left in 2014 was Nick Fairley and then he was gone in 2015.

I’ve never seen anything like it…post Millen years I should say

I don’t know about the FA/trades either. Snacks for a 5th? What’s the comparo to that from Mayhew? Spending 8M on an over the hill Ngata in a desperation move after you lose both Suh and Fairley in consecutive years?

Marvin Jones Jr.
T.J. Lang
Wagner (not living up to it, but at the time was a sought after RT)
Tre Flowers (top FA DE)
Coleman (top slot CB)
Re-signed Stafford, Slay, Harrison and Prater.

That’s a pretty good haul in the time frame Quinn has had. These guys all are (or were in Lang’s case, starters). I think Quinn has been demonstrably better than Mayhew in all facets of player acquisitions and especially salary cap management.

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Mayhew wasn’t exactly chopped liver in player acquisitions. One of the things about Mayhew’s pickups though, is many of them were short lived assets. And once they flamed out, that’s all people remember about them.

I wish Quinn could find a way to flip a low round pick for another Shaun Hill type.

Sammie Lee Hill
Willie Young
Sam Martin
Theo Riddick
Kyle Van Noy

Free agents or trades (there might be more than I’m not remembering)
Justin Durant
Stephen Tulloch
Dre Bly
Chris Houston
Reggie Bush
Jason Jones
Glover Quinn
Golden Tate

IDK if he is a true #1 WR.

He doesn’t have the blazing speed and he doesn’t get much separation. He’s lucky to have a QB who can fire bullets into tiny windows. Not many QB’s can.

The 2 best players on the team 5 years later are guys Mayhew picked.

How is Snacks for a 5th better than Chris Houston for 6th? Especially when you take into account positional scarcity

5 years into Mayhew’s tenure the best player on the team was drafted by Matt Millen. I’m not sure why that’s relevant.

Because the former GM was fired for being incompetent and the new GM still hasn’t done enough to make a real impact on the roster? When the new GM comes in and has 4 full offseasons and drafts and the roster doesn’t really improve, he sucks.

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Mayhew’s record was pretty bad, but then again, he inherited a complete disaster with very little talent and limited salary cap space.

2008 0-13 Millen was canned during the bye when the Lions were 0-3
2009 2-14
2010 6-10
2011 10-6
2012 4-12
2013 7-9
2014 11-5
2015 1-7 Mayhew was canned during the bye & Sheldon White took over.

Final 41-76 “You are what your record says you are.”–Bill Parcells

Presently, Quinn’s record as GM stands at 27-27-1. Lionesque mediocrity.


The rest of 2015 and probably even 2016 should be attributed to Mayhew, IMO. Whatever production we had gotten out of 2016 was with a nucleus built by Martin Mayhew.

2010-2016 were 54-58. That is more reflective of Mayhew’s effort as GM.

2017-current = 18-20-1.

Both drafted TE’s in the top 10.
Both drafted RB’s with high 2nds that can’t stay on the field.
Both have little to show for their 2nd round efforts.


I had high hopes for '12 and '13 after 2011… :expressionless:

I was a fan of Schwartz too. Still am, hope he takes Harbaughs place at Michigan! Lol