2018 Lions defense vs. 2019 Lions defense

What is the difference?
Not in the results but in the why.

Quandre Diggs. If we had Diggs, we’d be in the top 10 on defense. Without him, we are complete garbage.

Yes that is sarcasm. I have no clue why all of a sudden we have one of the worst pass rushes I’ve ever seen, but here we are. The same with committing drive extending penalties on 3rd down. I’ve never seen anything like it.


I really think our d-line being limited through training camp and people like Snacks dealing with a groin (a groin Injury would make it difficult to perform at a high level at his position). I think Snacks and Daniels were both a bit out of game shape when the season started. It is much easier to get hurt when you are either out of shape or playing tired in games.

Flowers having shoulder surgery caused him to start the season slow. Hand has been dinged up. It’s just unfortunate we never had our defensive line unit operating at full strength.

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Injuries for 2019. I think the 2018 Lions defense stayed relatively healthy - Ziggy. Plus the addition of a healthy Snack Harrison helped.


A new defensive scheme that no one had tape on.

This pretty much nails it for me. Having three DL’s not, or rarely, see the field since day one of training camp, started the ball rolling for this shit storm we call a “D”.