2018 Lions Offense V. 2019 Lions Offense V. the Defense

In 2018 first year coach kept Jim Bob Cooter as the OC. He appears to have wanted to see what Cooter could do. Well, JBC and his offense went on to score 20.2 ppg. 24th in the league with a Stafford starting for 16 games.

Patricia saw enough, fired some folks including JBC and brought in Darrell Bevell. In the 8 games Stafford started the Lions scored 25.5 points per game. They scored 24 or more points in 6 of those 8 games. That was good for 8th in the league in scoring in 2019. What an improvement.

I am not going to go crazy with looking at the difference between Bevell and Cooter other to say that Patricia kept JBC, fired him, hired Bevell and the Lions benefited from that change.

To me the point to to look at Patricia and staff through the lens of the whole team, not just the defense. While it is fair to say Patricia is a defensive coach as the head coach he should get credit for a solid offense and a terrible defense. I think this should clarify the debate about Patricia, the offense and the defense in 2020.

For some reason the offensive players seem to get the scheme, understand their jobs and they get it done. But on defense Diggs, Slay, Harrison and maybe others seem to have serious issues with this staff and this defense. Folks believe it is because Patricia is maybe too commanding in the locker room. That was noted by Diggs. But why does that not also seem to be an issue with the offense? Frankly the offense has a shot at being top five in 2020 and that is great. It is the defense that needs attention.

Why so good on offense and so bad on defense? AND…can this club fix this defense without Harrison and maybe without Slay?

I think this is a conversation worth having. Thoughts on O V. D, Patricia, Bevell/Patricia V, Cooter/Patricia and the rest of the thoughts that go along with this conversation?

I will have to see a whole lot more of Bevell before I declare him the savior of this offense. I pointed out in another thread that everyone was saying the same thing about the defense after 2018. They’re a top ten unit and now we just need to fix the offense and we’re set.

I would be very leery of blindly assuming this offense is going to mirror he first half of 2019. The NFL doesn’t always work like that. In fact, a lot of times it doesn’t.

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That is a valid point about waiting. I know the second half of 2018 did elevate my expectations.

Part of my observations are based on the unhappiness of defensive voices like Diggs, Slay, Harrison and even A. Robinson who was in the dog house a few times. Yet on offense the players seemed happy or at least doing their jobs without the same complaints.

Concerning losing Stafford and the offense in the second half the Lions only scored more than 20 points once against the Cowboys. Once. In the first 8 games the Lions scored 22 or more points in every game except the Chargers game…which the Lions won 13-10. I feel pretty good thinking with Stafford the offense remains at lest a top 15 scoring offense.

Why the difference between offensive production (with Stafford) and defensive unhappiness? I don’t get it.


JBC looked like a miracle worker after 8 games too.

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Let’s not forget the reason MP kept JBC was that his offense in 2007 was tied for 7th in scoring at 25.6pts a game. Less than a FG a game behind the NFL leader. Everyone was praising JBC.

Also in 2018 the Lions offense scored 20.2pts per game. (25th rank) But NFL scoring was up and we were 14.6pts a game behind the #1 offense.

But last year in 2019 the Lions scored 21.3pts a game to rank 18th but we were 11.6pts a game behind the NFL’s top offense.

I know Bevell lost Stafford last year and JBC had a hurt (broke back) Stafford the year before.

I personally think Lions fans were too quick to praise JBC and are also too quick to praise Bevell.


I never like JBC never you could call almost every play . Bevell I thought did just ok an he lost his QB. I think we should see his O this season ,will it be good enough we don’t know but we kept in many games. Staying in games is worse than getting blown out.

But i was never a BJC fan

I always had concerns on JBC but I felt he was far better than Lombardi.

My biggest issue with JBC was predictability and he never could establish a run game.

My biggest issue with Bevell is the lack of use with his TE’s. If your going to spend a top 10 pick and a bunch of money on free agent TE’s than you better be using them. Also I was expecting a better run game but I’ll give him a pass on that with KJ hurt.

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Staying by it since day one hiring of Bevell: Best OC Matt’s ever had and maybe best ever for the Lions…

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The run game wasn’t good even with a healthy KJ earlier in the year. At best so far he’s Linehan (good passing O, bad rushing O) and at worst he’s just another JBC.

It was good to see the lions scoring some points earlier in the season, but I know better than to fall in love with a previously unemployed OC after 1 season.

Really? Over 12 season in the league as an OC previous to 2019, on average, Bevell’s offenses ranked 16th in points per drive,15th in total yards, and 15th in DVOA.

He’s basically the definition of average. In his best years he had Beast Mode, Russell Wilson, and a dominating defense on the other side of the ball. DB has never struck me as anyone who is special in this league.

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Linehan was no slouch but the running on first down (every time) drove me insane.

I like Bevell but I need a bigger sample size, a better run game and for him to scheme the TE’s better before I fully buy in.


Ha ha - I made the post above before I read yours. Funny how we both brought up Linehan.

Looks like we basically feel the same way.

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I worry about Bevell and the TEs.

Jimmy Graham was famously underutilized in his prime in Seattle’s offense. I used to think it was Russell Wilson being overrated, but the dude just got better and better every year. Now he carries that team. I put that more on DB’s offense now that I look back.

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Yes sir we do! I think you have a lot more tact when expressing your opinion than me though. lol

I really need to work on not allowing my anger with this team to translate into anger at posters. I really like mostly everyone here and always feel bad after getting abrasive with people.

I forget sometimes, we all want the same thing.


Thanks it gets the best of me sometimes too. I often have to try hard not to just lose it … lol

My distain for the Lions organization right now is probably not healthy.


Correction…He looked like a miracle worker after (compared to) Lambo.

Lombardi was literally the worst OC I’ve seen in Detroit, and that is saying a lot. :wink:

Lack of OL = Lack of TEs used as something other than blockers, IMO. I personally believe Bevell has been a magician to accomplish what he has with this OL.

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Have you noticed the snap counts for our TE’s out of the slot? Hock actually took more snaps from the slot. Logan Thomas did too. We have TE’s running routes a lot but we just failed to get the ball to them. BQ said in his season ending presser that we had to find better ways to get them more involved.

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