2019 Matthew Stafford Highlights

If we can get a decent effort by the defense this season we can do anything. We should have been the Superbowl champs. We did beat the SB champs the season before.


Thanks for sharing - Stafford was having an mvp type season. Some amazing throws, and you have to love the offense Bevell is running. IF the defense can just be average and Staff and company stay healthy I think this team can make some noise.


Hard to believe that’s only from a half of a season! I really like this offense and our skill players. Most since 2012! Which was a disappointing season…

Last year I had a ton of hope for our Defense much like the 2014 season, ended up disappointed again…


Excited to watch this offense this season

Dreading a repeat of another useless defense giving up every lead we ever get.

The beginning of that video is a nice reminder of how dominant Hock can be. He has the talent. Needs to stop trying to be Edwin Moses.

Besides injury, there’s no reason we won’t be a top 10 offense. Stafford was playing at a near MVP level prior to injury, 2nd time in his career. If the defense can be just average, I think we have a winning season… Big IF

There is reason to believe that.

  1. AZ was missing their entire secondary
  2. Philly was missing their secondary
  3. Chargers were also banged up.
  4. KCs defense is kind of garbage.
  5. The rest of Stafford’s career indicates that he doesn’t sustain that level of play.

Overall, you should never expect to see something for a full season that has never been done for a full season. If Tim Tebow has a few good games, it doesn’t mean he will be a hall of famer.

Y/A (Total Yards)
3.6 (116)
3.4 (94)
3.1 (86)
5.3 (186)
2.8 (56)
4.0 (81)
2.4 (59)
4.7 (90)

He also had next to no help on the ground… The one good game we had running the ball we lost to the best team in football by 4 points… Mostly bc the RB fumbled on the half yard line and they ran it back for a TD, 14 point swing right there. MS did a great job last year considering his lack of help on the ground or from the defense. To say anything else is just silly.

There’s no reason to believe the running game or defense will be worse this year, just like there’s no reason to believe Stafford won’t play at the same high level he was before injury.


careful, haters are about to have a brain aneurysm.

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Oh, if only seasons were 2 months long, but they aren’t. I’ve seen MS crumble down the stretch enough times, that it would be asinine to assume he would have continued the same level of play. Plus the defenses he faced were straight trash.

He did play pretty well for most of those 2 months, but he also went follower mode and ran that shit all stupid play to lose to the Raiders, so that 3 win total also partially is on his shoulders.

It’s hilarious that people discount his entire career to focus on 8 games against teams with half defenses. He played a full season of trash ball in 2018, why don’t you expect that level of play over a few weeks in 2019? Seems like odd, homer cherry picking.

Bc he has matured since his first coaching staff and he has an actual OC designing plays… Did you not notice the WRs running wide open in some of those highlights? When’s the last time you remember seeing that in Detroit consistently?

No QB has had to score more PPG to earn a W year in and year out than Stafford. Last number I saw (on a TV broadcast graphic) was 24.7 IIRC. Without the benefit of a run attack. Stafford has been playing on a tilted field most of the years he’s been here. Though far from perfect, Stafford is not the problem in DET. He’s plenty capable of helping the Lions win a SB.

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Yep hard to get onboard with one of the best QB’s in the game continuing to have an MVP season …because you know… he was having one …
But you wanting Tua and believing he will be the QB we needed… When never in the history of such an injury at any position has a player gone on to have a even decent career . Tua the QB that could not stay healthy in College would have been the answer here …this is valid though . Hell of a plan. Great stuff

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Reminds me of the old “September Heisman” Michigan fans are all too familiar with. If only they gave out awards based on half seasons.

He’s been in the league for a dozen years. He has never finished a full season with a 100 or better rating. Last year he did for 8 games, but I would have all but guaranteed he would have had a weaker 2nd half of the season than the first half. Those secondaries were beat up and below average when healthy.

Maybe TJ Hockenson should have gotten ROY after that first game too, lol.

I wanted Tua over a random CB that is afraid to tackle and can’t catch a football, because the upside was greater and if we had taken Tua, we may very well have had a chance to trade him and add another pick. Instead we reached again in the first round for a guy we hope becomes somewhat close to what Slay was in 3 or 4 years. :+1:

Oh, by the way, even if he continued to play well, there’s no chance in hell he would have ended in even the top 5 in MVP voting. Stop.

you don’t have a damn clue what Stafford “would-have” done playing 9 more games, he was playing extremely well up to game 8 the only bitching I hear is from you.

which is all you know how to do and you love trying to bash Stafford every other post because you have no other material just the same tired ^%#$@ we’ve all heard for 11 years.
a hundred posters give you the reasons why the team has failed in the past and in recent seasons. but you just don’t want to listen but when you can take a jab at Stafford WELL DAMN we never heard that before !
IF you would add more to football discussion instead of trying to tell other posters how wrong they are OR how Stafford sucks for the eleven thousandth time , others might like you better as a poster here Big Ten.

But: “Stafford sucks.” , “Stafford hasn’t.” , “Stafford has never.” , "Stafford can’t " or the original , “Stafford Isn’t” takes that you regurgitate . I think you have man love for Stafford Big Ten because seemingly you can’t keep his name out of your mouth…UNLESS you slip in “Well we shoulda drafted Tua because he would be the greatest QB in the NFL.” comments once every thirty Stafford based responses you have. your take is tired asf .


Bc 5000 yards, 38 TDs and 10 picks with 106 QBR wouldn’t be good enough for MVP consideration :roll_eyes: he may not have kept pace, he may have, you don’t know, but to dismiss it is irrational

Considering the 2nd half of the season was the cupcake portion . Which elite secondary did we play the last 8 games? Washington? Dallas? Tampa? Chicago? Denver?


It’s not as funny as your takes on football.:man_shrugging:t2::thinking:


Hahahhaha :rofl: you forgot this part though…

Tebow in any comparison to Stafford is ridiculous and you make the statement above about not expecting what has not been pproven but you want Tua a guy with a fractured hip who never stayed healthy and never played a full season …You ingnored this in the last reply