2019 Pats defense & your view on Patricia

Just curious if the success this year of the Pats defense makes you question how much Patricia influenced the Pats defense while he was there?

Was Patricia just another “product of the system”? Or do you really feel like Patricia was a good DC in NE and has something to offer here?

The Pats 2019 defense has no bearing on how I feel about Patricia


Even while there he gave up 600 yards in the Super Bowl


I’m with Wes.

Maybe it’s because Flowers left. :rofl:

I don’t think Patricia had the ultimate say on the defense there. It is Belicheck.


Yes…In the SuperBowl :wink:

Also, as it pertains to the Pats system…THeir system is probably less like a system than any other team. They’re doing different things, every time you see them. I feel like we draft personnel to do the same, then do the same thing every week, instead. Confused as hell.

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Lol touché

That’s my biggest issue with Patricia.

We do the same thing over and over.

Given our dline situation it actually would make sense to throw out some of those 1 dlinemen looks they would throw out.

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The P guy I have an issue with is Paul Pas (he) is the DC. I think he acts like the smartest guy in the room, he is set in his ways, and your not going to change a damn thing on ‘his’ defense.

that’s the sense I get from it, just recently he barks about how the defensive scheme is solid even though our defense got a failing grade. I don’t think Patricia says ‘much’ unless he has to and is focusing on his HC work…I also believe Paul doesn’t want to hear anything Patricia has to say about how to operate a defense.

It seems like Patricia and Flowers left and their defense got better.

Maybe Bill was happy to get rid of both of them.

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To be fair the Pats have been doing it that way for a long time. They have a good nucleus that stays constant or has someone in the wings to take over. We still have new coaches and players that are trying to implement it and be successful.