2019 Sack Totals -- CHI: 25 OAK: 25

The mood really has shifted on the Khalil Mack trade, and rightfully so.

Wowza! I never realized they did a Hearschel Walker trade!
MN did it, back in the day!
Chi did it last year!
Let’s try to trade Slay and a 2nd to the Packers for 3 firsts, 2 thirds!


The funny thing is that we have 20. For all the lamenting of the pass rush this number indicates that our ineptitude on defense is an all around effort: pass rush, coverage, scheme, execution, etc.


Sacks are the most overrated defensive stat there is. Remember when Ziggy got 12 sacks a few years ago in a season he was the invisible man for 3/4 of the season? All it takes to inflate sack totals is a few good games but it’s not a good indicator of a player being disruptive and getting consistent pressure. I remember the game a few yrs ago against the Texans when we still had Suh. If you looked at the stat sheet you would think Suh had a shitty game, if you watched the game you would have seen Suh living in the Texans backfield.


Yup - definitely can be misleading. Hyder was SO overrated. I couldn’t believe NFL OCs were not catching on that all he was doing was stunting. He led the NFL in sacks/snaps played ratio, for awhile.

When you have big nasty dudes in the middle taking up a lot of attention, the DE s can do more, and vice versa.

Still think sacks are cool. People have adjusted to what the Bears are dong with Mack. How is he in the sack dept, this year? Very talented dude. Donald would be by far my first pick, if I could steal someone from another NFL roster. He would change our entire D. Literally every single other player looks better, when you have a dude like that.

Someone was talking about what would have happened, had we kept Suh, instead of CJ. I think the team would have been much better off, but that certainly would not have been the best PR move. LOL.

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I think another huge factor factor people forget is the change from Fagio to Pagano and the difference in philosophies

Right on.

3 of Ansah’s sacks came against Ereck “The Turnstile” Flowers. 3 came against a rookie OL for the Bengals, who had shifted from OG to OT and was playing his first game ever at OT. 3 more came against a GB team in the finale, which had 3 starting OL out due to injury and no Aaron Rodgers. The most misleading 12 sack season in NFL history.

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