2020! 2 Matt's Enter.....both leave?

I cannot state emphatically enough how much I would disagree with giving Batman another hire. If we’re rebuilding after next year, he’s the first one I fire.

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I agree. If a GM fires a coach that had a winning record to bring “his” guy in after stating the previous coach wasn’t good enough and then reels off a bunch of losing seasons, what is the point of keeping him?


All fans of all teams point to games they should win.

There is little doubt that we will be favored in all of those games that I mentioned. At Oakland And Chicago should be close but we’ll be a slight favorite IMO.

We played a horrible defensive game last week. It happens. Our defense had been fairly decent in a bend don’t break sort of way prior to that game. Our passing game is elite. 9 wins is still a decent likelihood IMO.

I’m not really into playoff probabilities. I think if we start winning, things have a funny way of changing.
That said, what you bring up is exactly why I think the Lions are going to “go for it” if not at this trading deadline, this offseason.

The thing is…we’re not getting rid of Stafford. Ever. He’ll have to retire first (or lose ability and retire). No matter what some others might say, you don’t get rid of QBs with that type of talent.

What Patricia is doing is not gimmicky. Its multiple. If a coach can’t win because these players dont fit what he wants to do…I think that coach is a dinosaur and has no business being here to begin with.

If we trash out this year and next, the odds of Stafford approaching the club and asking to be traded are IMO very very high. Texas kid, Georgia college, cancer survivor wife…dude is used to warm weather and good times and this ain’t it.

Seems Stafford and his wife want to stay

a while ago there was an article out about how today’s NFL QB’s want to play longer and into their 40’s some of them. Stafford has no quit in him so it’s not a ‘reach’ to say that he’ll keep playing

The guy will be 32 years old 5 days after some other NFL franchise wins the Super Bowl in February. Eight years is a long time in football terms.

They should be 5-1. Coaching cost us a tie, and the refs cost us 2 wins.
The Vikings kicked our asses.

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Rich Gannon said that many of the retired QBs he’s been around can still sling the ball at an NFL level into their 50s. They just can’t take the hits anymore. With the NFL taking many of the hits those guys were subject to out of the game…and offenses going to quick strike plays eliminating even more hits…I think playing into your 40s will become the norm and not the outlier for top QBs.

Replacing him would definitely set our defense back since it would likely be a different system the next t time around. Hopefully we dont have another Van Noy on our hands.

You mean we won’t win no more super bowls? :open_mouth:

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Quinn and Patricia make horrible personnel decisions,Jarred Davis is bad,our OT tackles are mediocre at best,Flowers is a bust, Daniels can’t find his way onto the field,damaged goods from GB.Kerryon injury history in college,2nd year on IR No viable runner since R. Bush.
.It all starts at the top poor evaluation of talent by management, they need to go on the top end,yet many pile on Stafford.Stafford is a very good QB on a horrible team and i don’t see them getting any better

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Fake News!

I can see Stafford retiring in the next two off-seasons. Injuries are piling up. Wife just recently went through a life or death scare. Football isn’t everything. In fact, it’s not much of anything in the scheme of things.

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$30M per year says that football is really important! LOL

It wasn’t enough for Calvin or Barry. Just sayin…

First…different position. Second, neither of them made $30M per year.

Of course, that wasnt enough for Andrew Luck.

You aren’t wrong! I’d stick around for it haha.