2020 Draft Plans

Who is going to Vegas??? 10 to 20 years ago I definitely would have made the trip, but now that I am 60 years old and maybe finally getting fed up with this organization I am not sure I will. Then again it is only a 4.5 hour drive…

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I love going to Vegas for any occasion. I’ve never understood the fascination of attending the draft live though. Maybe the Nashville one would have been cool with the downtown area, but I couldn’t see myself being contained to one area in Vegas waiting 15 minutes between picks. Although, drinks are easy to get ahold of when the Lions reach for a Guard in the first round that has degenerative disc disease.


Everyone thinks I’m crazy for thinking we’re going to take Biadasz, but, it only makes sense.

The opening night looks fun. After that it gets boring in a hurry, particularly day 3.


Are they doing the draft on Freemont street or somewhere on the strip? Freemont would be pretty sweet actually.

I went a few years ago when it was here in Dallas.

Yeah I’m not doing a draft again. No point


I’ll say this.

If you have kids the events around the draft are actually nice.

The NFL essentially sets up a free NFL themed carnival and the only thing they charge for from what I remember is food and drinks.

So if you have kids that are old enough to be into sports , its cool and you have a ton of NFL players and coaches just walking around.

The actual draft though, yeah you are better off just watching that at home


All I have seen is that it will be on and around the Strip

I’m heading there with some family… Cousin is surprising his longtime gf with a proposal AND wedding, he’s flying in her family and everything. Pretty ballsy if you ask me lol he’s a big Raiders fan and is going to propose at the new stadium.

I heard the draft festivities are taking place at Caesar’s Palace… Should be interesting as navigating the strip isn’t very easy, not like you can chill on the street where the stage is like last year in Nashville.

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You are not too old! I will leave my 42 yr old girlfriend for a weekend with the boys and I am your age! The side bets are everything!

Hotel rates are high, but what the heck booked the 22-25 at the RIO…Hopefully I can get some tickets to the 1st or 2nd day…


Every time I see that name Biadasz in print I keep thinking bad ass. :slight_smile:

going to Vegas may be cheaper than building shatterproof cages around all my video screens. A TE at 10??? Jalahni who???

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The Rio is solid. One of many places I’ve stayed out there. Now I’m getting the itch to get back