2020 Draft Vegas

Is anyone going to the draft this year. I am and was last year.

I’ll be in town obviously. I’m definitely not going.

And with that said, PLAN AHEAD. I can’t imagine them not shutting LV Blvd. down, and when that happens you’d better have a room nearby, or a damn good escape plan.

Have they announced exactly where the draft is going to occur yet. All I can find is…“On and around the Las Vegas Strip”.

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Caesar’s Palace backlot…

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This, sort of.

Meaning you’re forced into the middle of The Strip, making things even more difficult.

Hotel rates for that time period are pretty high also

Wait, I thought we were all staying at @Adrian’s place.


I booked a airbnb last August. I was on top of things. Nashville was also tons of people but worth it

Can I stay with you? :joy: