Gotta continue to build up that run game, fortify that dline, and secondary. I fully expect BQ to blow $50mil, so these are the 3 targets I think fit the mold of what we’re looking for to make a playoff run.

RT: Jack Conklin

Cut Wagner yesterday, re-up Glasgow and upgrade to Conklin. Probably cost 10-11mil per for 5yrs, but well worth for a good all-around player. Instant upgrade for our run game, and in his prime at 26yrs old.

CB: Byron Jones

Extend Slay and add Jones into the mix. Big CB can play anywhere in the secondary. Pro Bowl player in his prime will cost ALOT, probably looking at a 5yr $70-75mil contract.

DE: Arik Armstead

This is a big Dude, 6’7" 300lbs DE. Honestly you can probably play him anywhere on the D-Line. You know how the regime loves versatility. Another Pro Bowl caliber player in his prime. We’re looking at a Flowers like contract.


I agree with signing Conklin, and not opposed to signing the other two. However, I don’t agree with extending Slay. He seems to be on a decline and I would hate for us to extend him and be stuck for a few years. I could be wrong and maybe his play this year had more to do with a lack of pass rush, but seems like he is at that age where decline sets in.

That,and he covered the top receiver in almost every game. Nobody can cover anyone with the time given to the QB. Think we are in no position but to overpay him. So, overpay him (not silliness level).

Like Conklin, then draft Thomas and the OL looks pretty damn good.


I don’t mind those signings, but Jones would become CB#1, I think Slay is done and by his choosing, and Quinn isn’t going to throw the bank at him to keep him.

i know i am naieve on alot of players—but what do you guy think about persueing trent green during the off season----just a thought that just popped into my mind about getting an up graded defence

The only Trent Green I remember is the retired QB that Kurt Warner replaced and went on to fame, lol

am bad with names—isn’t trent green also the name of the redskns defence line man ???

Redskins defensive linemen & LB’s are:

Jonathan Allen, Matt Ioannidis, Daron Payne, Tim Settle, Treyvon Hester, Ryan Anderson, Shaun Hamilton, Cole Holcomb, Chris Odom, Nate Orchard, Montez Sweat. They have a few guys on IR as well - Myles Humphrey & Caleb Brantley.

Is one of those names the one you’re looking for? If not - maybe another team?

I would LOVE Jonathan Allen

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I also think Kerrigan is worth the risk if they cut him loose.

my bad—ment trent williams–the skins were trying to shop him early in the season–don 't know if there were sussessful—but i like his speed and strength for a big guy—also had nice persuit


Some names that stand out. Not saying they are a match with the Lions or that it’d make sense - just listing some names that jumped out at me.

Jadeveon Clowney - DE (27)
Marcell Dareus - DT (30)
Chris Harris - CB (31)
Dante Fowler Jr - OLB (26)
Michael Brockers - DT (29)
Logan Ryan - CB (29)
Devin Funchess - WR (26)
Bradley Roby - CB (28)
Ndamukong Suh - DT (33)
Derek Wolfe - DE (30)
Mike Daniels - DT (31)
Robert Quinn - DE (30)
Lamar Miller - RB (29)
Ronald Darby - CB (26)
Marcus Mariota - QB (26)
Daryl Williams - RT (28)
Kyle Van Noy - ILB (29)
AJ Klein - OLB (29)
Amari Cooper - WR (26)
Brandon Scherff - G (28)
Randall Cobb - WR (30)
Leonard Williams - DE (26)
Jordan Phillips - DT (27)
Danny Amendola - WR (34)
Darqueze Dennard - CB (28)
Breshad Perriman - WR (26)
Shaq Barrett - OLB (27)
Jack Conklin - RT (26)
Eli Apple - CB (25)
Vic Beasley - DE (28)
Jason Verrett - CB (29)
Trae Waynes - CB (28)
Michael Pierce - DT (27)

Guys I like
DT Vernon Butler
S Anthony Harris
OLB Jamie Collins
CB Eli Apple
RB Derrick Henry
OT Dennis Kelly

Has a bad knee though, aYe-O!

I like Brandon Scherff if they decide not to resign Glasgow. Other than that we need to go over every DT and LB with a fine tooth comb. They need to bring the Dline pressure back next year

Me too. Gonna be pricey though but would love to add a pile mover to the O-Line.

he’s an OT

this is why i do not post much-- i really do have a very hard time remembering things


He’s always hurt and is going to cost a lot. Pass.

Trent Williams.