Dont let that stop you from posting. I forget stuff all the time. :smile:

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Excellent first post. Welcome to the board.

Vic Beasley OLB - Had a rebound year (2019) with 8 sacks and 12 QB hits after falling off of his 2016 15.5 sack ALL-PRO performance. Falcons are near the bottom of the league in 2020 cap space. Beasley gives Patricia a capable edge rusher opposite Kennard.

Artie Burns CB - Former 1rst round pick of the Steelers. Kid is still young (25 in 2020) and in need of a fresh start. Size, speed, and long arms and a fit for a man-press system. Similar to the R.Melvin signing last year, Artie Burns gets a new start in Detroit.

I would like to go after Schobert and Hargrave. Also Resign Glasgow, Amendola, Robinson and Wilson. Draft Young or brown

I’d love Schobert

Hargrave would be solid as well