2020 Lions Projections

Don’t know if this will load or not, but anyway it has the Lions win total at 8.2. In 15 games, Stafford goes for 4227 yds, 27 TDs and 11 pics. Kerryon goes for 839 yds, 7 TDs, and Scarbrough 597 yds and 3 TDs, both is 14 games. Personally, I think the Lions will sign and/or draft another RB who will eat into their snaps and carries/targets, it’d be nice to see KeJO out there for 14 games if not 16. I do think Stafford will go in all 16, and they have Russell bodine starting at RG. Hmm.

And we’ll shoot up the boards after the draft!!!

RB, TE, D-Line and LB groups are all pretty trashy. 1 unproven or decent guy in each group.

RB - KJ unproven and unreliable

TE - TJH unproven and who knows

D-Line - pretty damn weak across the board. Flowers tied Derrick Thomas’ 1 game total of 7 sacks in his first season here. Lol.

LB - Collins is ok, but the rest are yuck.

Not overly impressed with our safeties either.

WR is paper thin, but maybe the one group we could roll out in game 1 and be fine with.

Thanks Bob Quinn. Your work looks like a Final Exam that was turned in 12 seconds after it was handed out.