2020 options


A few names that show up that might help us.

  1. Jadeveon Clowney
  2. Marcus Peters
  3. Chris Jones
  4. Byron Jones
  5. Mathew Judon
  6. Dante Fowler jr.
  7. Shaq Barrett
  8. Bud Dupree
  9. Arik Armstead
  10. Leonard Williams
  11. Joe Schobert

Did i miss anyone. lol Im sure most will get resigned, but there are some options. With nearly 50 million in cap space should be possible. If we are committed to rushing 4 all the time, we will need someone that can beat double team and get consistent pressure. Thoughts?

I love Chris Jones. Any chance KC lets him walk?

They only have 22 mil cap space next season. There might be a good chance they dont have a choice. I like him as well.

Damn we got some money. I think BQ needs to go all in, or he could be on his way out.

Im not fluent with salary caps but does seem like we have a decent amount. Seems like it would take 13-14 million to sign some of our guys back. Plus another 5-6 millions for rookies. leaves about 30 million to sign free agents. should be able to grab a few good players that will help out good.

A lot of teams have a lot of money. So the key will be to identify the proper guys to overpay and not just throw money out there for the sake of doing it. The first wave of guys are going to get paid like crazy.


Just think he needs to win now. We could get two/three top guys and hope to draft right.


Would be where I would start.

Frankly I’m wary of whether or not that is actually all going to get spent per se. More specifically what I mean is that a lot of NFL teams seem to be ‘hoarding money’ for lack of a better description. All any of those teams has to do is to meet the 90% cap spending requirement for the combined NFL operating years 2017 through 2020 under the current CBA. I wouldn’t be surprised in the least to see teams not necessarily spending wildly and instead owners ‘pocketing the savings’ as the current CBA comes to an end as a means of hedging their bets of a lockout. It’s not like they have a requirement to carry it Forward after 2020 Unless somehow that is bargained into the new CBA agreement

i agree withJjones, but would like Schobert more. We got bet a lot by LBs mot being able to cover well. Schobert seems pretty good at that part. Might take a lot to get Jones though. Market value for next year is around 18 million. Not sure KC wants to wrap up 40 million in 2 DEs. Clark is getting 22 million.

I’d love to get Schobert and slide Davis into Jones’ spot

KC will franchise Jones even if it’s just to trade him like they did with Dee Ford

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Yannick Ngakoue and Brandon Scherff are two others that are interesting

I read yannick was offered 19 a year by the jags and he turned it down.

This would be phenomenal

Really? I don’t want to pay Yannick 20m per

me either. Too much money when we need other positions to fill as well.

I think we will get two key players.

Judon and Dupree

Talk from Steeler fans seems to be they wonder if they can give Dupree the money he is going to want…those are who I want.


Dupree is actually a really good call. I do like Judon. Wanted us to draft him out of GVSU. I’d rather do one or the other and add a guy like B. Jones or B. Scherff. I think Judon is basically Trey Flowers. Two of them
would not be a bad thing but Dupree gives us something that: A:) we don’t have B:) is in fairly short supply in the upcoming draft

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Scherff will get at minimum $13 mil/season and I’m willing to pay. I don’t want to see higher end draft picks used to improve the line for awhile. If Glasgow is resigned to a reasonable contract and we add Scherff I would expect to see the highest level of interior line play in Stafford’s career. Preventing a pass rush up the gut and also opening up cleaner lanes for our backs especially in short yardage situations would really help this offense take the next step.

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