2nd and 3rd round targets that you like

We have debated 3OA quite a bit. Where would you go in rd 2/3? IMO the only certainty is that we are going to be taking an interior OL in 2/3…unless we go Wirfs in rd 1 and slide him or Vaitai to OG.

These are a mix of players i like… I’m trying not to include rd 1 guys that may fall. I think there is a good chance guys like Delpit or one of the better receivers fall.

My Round 2 targets:

C. Ruiz (C/OG) We need a G…he’s rated high
D. Lewis (OG) Same as Ruiz
J. Jones (OT) Underrated. Likely go late 1.
R. Blacklock (DT) Also Underrated IMO
J. Taylor (RB) Stud
M. Pittman (WR) Beast. This draft is sooooo deep at WR
B. Aiyuk (WR) 2nd best open space WR in the draft imo. Almost on Ruggs level.
A. Winfield (S) He is being undervalued based on size. Will play in the league a long time.
Z. Baun (OLB) Only if we don’t take Simmons R1
J. Gladney (CB) Only if we don’t take Okudah R1
J. Hurts (QB) Guy is just a dawg. He will be a good player in the league.

3rd Round:

(Any of the 2nd rounders above…plus below)

A.J. Dillon (RB) Another beast. Not quite D. Henry…but close enough for a 3rd rd pick
N. Muti (OG) Man child
T. Biadasz (C/OG) Decent player…probably the last on my list
R. Davis (DT) This is a Quinn selection
B. Anae (DE) Might go earlier than this. There will be a run on DE’s early…not enough of them
M. Harrison (OLB) He’s got skills

Keep in mind this isn’t a list of guys that fit Quinn’s draft prototypes/profiles…just a list of guys i like.

If we take Okudah in the first, I would look for Curtis Weaver in the second.
Delpit in the second.

My guys are:

Malik Harrison, Raekwon Davis, A.J. Epenesa, Lucas Niang, Damon Arnette, Noah Igbinoghene, Logan Wilson, Jalen Reagor, Ben Bartch, Jeremy Chinn, Matt Peart, Zack Baun and Jaylon Johnson.

I like Ruiz too but I’d be shocked if he fell out of the first, he could go as high as #17 overall to Dallas.

I haven’t seen Matt Peart’s scouting report. Does it say if he’s a good drummer?

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I think we’ll see first round guys slide down to 35. I like Epenesa the best from your list (especially if we’ve picked Okudah,) but I’m a bigger fan of his than most.

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Man, pour one out for Neil. What a loss.


They will for sure, I just think the dropoff between Ruiz and whoever’s next (seems like Jonah Jackson’s gaining all the steam lately) is so drastic and the need at iOL so prevalent that it’s gonna keep him in the first round. I think Epenesa probably goes in the first too, but I agree with you if he makes it to us he should be the pick.

Josh uche
Ross Blacklock
Damon arnette

I really, really like Blacklock but is he a fit in our current system. Seems miscast for 5T and we don’t use a UT very often and between Hand, N. Williams and even Flowers we have that handled when we do deploy a formation with an UT.

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They got a good look at Uche at the Senior bowl.

And he showed some surprisingly good coverage ability. I think 35 is too high though

Zach Baun could be the ideal OLB for this defense. He’s just a damn good football player. I know they just signed Collins,but they would have two threats to blitz from their LB’ers if Baun was on the field too. The pass coverage would be better than having Jarrad Davis out there, that’s for damn sure. Maybe they cut him?

I’d prefer to find a guard in the 3rd round but Ruiz is exactly the type of road grader Patricia prefers and he can obviously play center if Ragnow gets hurt. This regime loves player flexibility.

Drafting Ruiz + Taylor/Dobbins in the 2nd round would really upgrade the run game. The right side of the line would be beastly with Big V starting at RT beside Ruiz. Both are road graders in the run game.

He’s pretty small for this system. I do think he’ll make a really good pro though

Jarrad Davis 238 lbs
Zack Baun 240 lbs


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Yeah i don’t think the weight is going to keep them from drafting Baun or Simmons for that matter. Love both players.

I could live with Okudah (@ 5 or later of course) in the first and Baun in the 2nd.

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Davis wasn’t drafted for this system

Jahlani Tavai ran a 4.86 at 246. I’ll take Zack Baun’s 4.65 at 240lbs with better instincts and pass rush ability.

I’d love to have him. I’m just not sure he fits our prototype. Are we playing him inside though? I would assume not. If not I’d assume we prefer a Kennard type of build one the edge

He can play any LB position but an edge OLB is ideal. Yes he does fit the system and is exactly what they need. He had 12.5 sacks and 19.5 tackles for loss in 14 games for Wisconsin. He jumps off the screen every game he plays.

I would love to have him. I don’t feel as though he fits our prototype though. We have yet to go after a 6’2 238lb OLB. Maybe he can get up to 255 or maybe I’m mistaken. Obviously it’s a pretty small sample size with us going into MP’s third year. We know that we will want him to hold the edge in the run game from time to time. Not sure that he’s well suited for that.

Like I said, personally I’d like the move. I’m just not sure he’s a big target of ours especially at pick 35.