2nd Official Is Weighing Whether to Blow the Whistle on Trump’s Ukraine Dealings


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And the attempted coup continues.



Yeah the NYT is quite the joke…and the fact that you post it here like it is some sort of leader in journalistic integrity is ever more humorous.

Maybe you can post some more links from the Epoch Times as “real news” like you did on the other board.

Conservatives and their “real news”. Such a bunch of dipshits. You ask them where they get their news they can never answer because its twice as worse as the mainstream stuff.


I don’t know why you keep saying that. The first time I went to the epoch times was when you first accused me of posting a link from there.

Why don’t you post some links from your antifa sites?

The reason nobody will answer you is because your mind is closed tighter than a nun’s twat, so why bother so you call us dipshits, or idiots because we don’t subscribe to a daily brainwashing at CNN like you?

This is why it’s so crazy to just knee jerk call everything a hoax. It was obvious from the original report and transcript it wasn’t a case of “nothing to see here”.


Gitche where do you get your news? If you are going to call news fake, then point to the real news so I can be enlightened.

And don’t give me a “I get my news from a lot of sources” weasel-mouthed answer. Because clearly some news sources are fake because you keep saying it.

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You have to love the irony of the guy who’s too scared to say why Hunter Biden got his job to call someone else a weasel.

Hunter Biden got the job because of who his dad was. And the fact the gas company wanted westerners on the board and he had done legal work for them. Why would I be scared to say that?

Why don’t you tell me why its okay for the President of the United States to demand a foreign country investigate his political rival on the basis of that information? Are you scared little sid?

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And how the fuck did Kushner get his job? Or Ivanka and her new illegal dealings that are being investigated by the feds?

How do you not see your own double standard? You’re a walking talking hypocrite.


Are you upset about Ivanka being investigated? Or is that reserved for Hunter Biden?

Depends, who’s investigating her and how did it originate?

I get my news from the OTT, I just read your posts and then know the truth is most likely the opposite.