3 man rush

What in the even heck is Patricia doing with all these 3 man rushes?
I just don’t get it unless you’re in a prevent defense.

What the hell am I missing?

Remember when RichRod was at Michigan and he was running that 3-3-5 Defense.

Remember how awesome that Defense was?

Yeah, I hate the 3 man rush.

In fact, I hate this entire defensive scheme.



But you aren’t a defensive genius like Patricia.


Could it be a depth thing? He didn’t do it as often last year…i dunno.

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He’s Mr Prevent!
Here’s to everyone that begged for a 3-4. How do you like it, now?


just because you have a 3 man line doesn’t mean you have a 3 man rush. Rich Rods 335 defense was obviously garbage, but it wasn’t because they were only trying to rush three guys every play. Mostly they just didn’t have any talent or player development outside of Brandon Graham. All those great Steeler defenses since the 90s have been primarily 34 defenses, they just know how to blitz guys. Michigans defense now spends at least half it’s time with only 3 DL. It’s not how many DL you have, it’s how you use them.

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Can’t say as I’m a big fan of letting any QB stand back there and wait for somebody to come open. Dak was talking about having the time to go through his progressions 2 or 3 times; you just can’t allow that IMHO.


QBs love to play the Lions.

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I don’t mind a 3-4 base if you are bringing LBs as well. I like pressure defenses. If you can pressure with 3, that is rare. Pressure with 4, great. Unfortunately I don’t see us getting home when we send 5 and this has been a major issue.

I like blitzing. It sucks when you blitz and there is no pressure. Scheme can help, but much of this is personnel. I expected much more but injuries have killed the front 7 this year. Still, we haven’t seen pressure as a priority since Jim Schwartz.

You are pretty much toast when that happens.

Yea I don’t get it. Last half of last year our defense was pretty good. I honestly don’t know what changed.

this defense reminds me of the marinelli cover who defense. don’t blitz, just wait for the offense to make a mistake.

offenses are just too good now. I do see when we blitz with the right people we get success.

Injuries! The defense has been a MASH unit since spring training.


Not necessarily.
When you have a 3 man front and rush one more, you’re still only sending 4 guys.
No different than playing a 4 man front and rushing all 4.

Considering he doesn’t rush any of the four linebackers, I’m not sure that’s a fair question.


Yes he does.

Tavai rushed from essentially a DT position and a DE’s.

I don’t think people realize that we’re rushing 4 or more as often as we are, who’s involved and where they’re rushing from. It’s only when I sit down to play with gamepass and obsess for a while that I see what all is happening out there.

There are A LOT of plays where we’re only rushing 3. It happened in the Dallas game, it was 3rd and long, and Dak just sat back there forever until someone got open and it was an easy pitch and catch for the first down.

You are right, there are a lot.

But, they are rushing the LB’s, too.

They’re choosing the lesser of two evils, IMO. It’s better to not get pressure with 8 in coverage than to not get pressure with 7 in coverage. (let alone not getting pressure with only 6 in coverage).

That said, I am reading a Football Outsiders piece from a couple years ago… No team rushed 3 more than the Pats in 17.

I see 8 guys in coverage, but many times 2 or 3 of them are guarding no one…some kind of hybrid zone? Ugh. Not Working.

Leave Slay 1 on 1 since he is your shutdown corner…and now double up the slot, the other outside guy AND whoever Davis is guarding, likely the TE…and you still have a guy left to handle the RB out of the backfield or if he stays in, spy the QB.

Or delay blitz Davis, or 2 tier your man coverage so the guy on the LOS is tasked with jamming/disrupting the receiver, or SOMETHING!

Guarding empty space w a 3 man rush is very much like how Caldwell screwed up the Fail Mary from Rodgers…thats what I see so much when they run this drop 8 coverage, I see guys standing there guarding empty space when the ball comes out late and to a guy who finally broke free somewhere…UGH!

The 2014 team used a similar concept of having a free man. Its how we kept Ihedigbo from being exposed in coverage, and he made a play every so often.

The 3 man rush dropping 8 was the strategy Bill used to beat the Rams. I agree with it in concept. But even with a 3 man rush we should be able to get more pressure on the QB than we are. We are getting completely stonewalled on many plays.

I didn’t know this, but it plays into the “stubborn coach” fallacy.

This is where NFL coaches obsess over an idea or strategy that worked once. They’re then convinced that this strategy is THE hack for success. Once this assumption is hard-wired into the coach’s head, all future failures can be chalked up to “lack of execution” or “not having the right personnel”.

I’m not sure why this is accepted and why it’s so rare to find coaches who can adapt what they’re doing to their roster and the opponent. That there is the real genius of Belichick, in my opinion, and for some reason it’s the least emulated.

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