3 man rush

We’ll see how this plays out with Matty P. He’s a pupil off BB’s. Vrabel and Flores are, too. Any pupil of BB should know instinctively to not be locked into anything. If they’ve learned anything, it’s to be creative and varied.

The individual match-ups are not being won.

Snacks=Great balance against a double-team, excellent run defender. Zero pass-rush skill.
Robinson=Poor balance against a double-team, enough strength to be a problem for some guards in pass-rushing downs.
Atkins=big body, not much else.
Kevin Strong Jr=Great balance for a rookie. Can stack and shed as a two-gap run defender. No observed pass-rush ability. IR’d.
Daniels=injured. Just coming back. Not the upgrade from RJF we were all hoping for.
Hand=Last year’s biggest surprise. Graded well as a rusher and run defender. IR’d last year and is still not playing

They’re easy to attack. The offense knows who to block on every snap based on the play called. Nobody else possesses the ability to disrupt the play if you leave them 1-on-1, while the stronger defender (for that play type/direction) is doubled. The threat of Davis, Jones or Tavai getting home is not there. Not that they’re not sent, rather, when they are sent, they’re not effective either.

I like a lot of the guys we have, but as a whole the defense is able to be neutralized because there are not enough playmakers.


NFL defensive lineman, particularly those on larger contracts, should be expected to beat one on one blocks. Even with a 3 man rush, we are getting one on one opportunities and the guys are not executing to beat the blocks. I think too many coaches blame the players for lack of execution, but I think in this case he has a point.

I remember Shaun Rogers could get more pressure with a double team on a regular basis than our current guys can get single blocked. TJ could be special some day and I like his skill set. But I’m thinking more and more that Ed Oliver was the correct pick at that spot. He’s going thru struggles to get the sacks, but he is beating his guys and getting pressures and hits.

Whatever the fuck they’re running isn’t working and never will, until they get a rotation of fresh bodies on the DLine. Face it, I get what they’re trying to do, but don’t have the personnel to run it. So, check the egos at the door, admit you’re screwing up and change to fit your personnel! It aint rocket science, coach.

Oh, and give Pasq a hug every now and then. He has feelings too.



Your point is taken, but that still just underscores why coaches need to be flexible. It’s one thing if the issue is technique-based (not hitting the right gaps, etc.). However, that’s not the case here. If the personnel just can’t effectively run the scheme, change the stupid scheme. It’s the coach’s job to put players in a position to succeed, and it’s way easier to tweak or change a scheme than it is to overhaul a roster or have players become more skilled.

Regardless, the coaching staff needs to game plan with the players / skill sets that they have, not ones they wish they had.


I don’t see why teams don’t send a quicker/faster DB as part of the 3 man rush to get to the QB. They can get around Olinemen faster and track some of the mobile QBs.

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^^^ I would think JRM would be the ideal choice there, plus the best they might have at covering backs out of the backfield. JMO.

If you can sneak a DB in there, that’s a great idea. But you can’t telegraph it, because offensive lineman can pretty easily knock DBs down if they get their hands on them.

James Ihedigbo was an exception to that. He could actually take on an offensive lineman on a pass rush. It was interesting to see.

I’m referring to rushing only 3 guys, not with adding LB’s…but sometimes some of those 3 rushers can be an LB or two as well.

Maybe you can put 11 DBs/LBs on the field? You won’t know which one’s will rush or cover and can create chaos. Make the other team call a timeout because of the confusion.

I always wondered, why do you always have Dlinemen up front and linebackers at the next level. I would do some creative crazy stuff to confuse the offense. Is it in the rule book?

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Lions did that once. Back in the 90s. You don’t do it often for a reason, Lbs easier to block. Blitzes are most effective if you don’t see them coming.

Yes it specifically says the Lions are not allowed to do anything that would result in a win. :smile:

Nothing in the rule book, but most teams would just check to a run.

Maybe something to use at the end of the game or half.