#3 Spot

Really? I saw a DT pushing guys into the backfield and making plays. Sure he doesn’t have the motor or move like Ed Oliver, but he has 50 lbs on him, different type of player.

I also thought Brown played well against Alabama.

Amen! I’d rather swap Wagner’s salary with a FA vet LT salary and move Decker over to RT. Then spend more FA bucks on a LG, and hope that Glasgow gives us a hometown discount. Of course the other route is standing pat and drafting Thomas. But that prevents us from getting an elite defensive player.

It’s very possible that we lose Sunday and Washington wins and we win the Chase Young sweepstakes outright. If not, perhaps we trade up because Washington may want the LT and picks, which wouldn’t be a bad idea based on their current Dline/EDGE lineup. Who knows. Maybe there is a Trent Williams plus the #2 pick trade to be had? If we could come away from the first three rounds with Williams and Young that may be nice as they would be guaranteed to get their LT with us being one pick away.

Barring that, I’m still for a trade down to take Gross-Matos to upgrade Okwara. With Flowers, Harrison and Hand already in the fold, I think DE makes the most impact quickly.

In a trade down I like Epenesa better than Gross-Matos. Not that I dislike either one. Both should be solid pros but Epenesa reminds me of Cameron Jordan who I think has been one of the league’s premier defenders for mant years.

#3 spot will depend on what the Lions do in free agency first. OT, DE, DT, and CB are definitely in play.

Anyone know where Jalen Hurts is projected to be drafted? Maybe he can be Bevell’s developmental project drafted in the later rounds. I’ve seen reports he may be available in the 3rd/4th rounds.

This obviously leads to a few questions:

  1. Which 2020 free agent LTs do you want in free agency?

  2. What is your plan at RT after the 2020 season?

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  1. Anthony Castonzo or Daryl Williams (who will probably play RT leaving Decker at LT).

  2. Maybe Crosby is ready at RT, plus we continue the churn and bring in competition. I don’t think Decker is going to be worth a big pay day beyond 2020. But I understand that often times the guy you know, that you overpay, isn’t any worse than the new guy you don’t know, and have to overpay…


Replace Wagner now and if you have to tag Decker for a year so you can grab a LT in the 21 or 22 draft…

Thomas from Oklahoma will be our best shot at a Quality LT prospect. Unless you’re willing to pay Anthony Castonzo from Indy. He’s 32 and is good in the run game. But, he may be good because of their All-Pro Guard. I’m not sure. Are you willing to give up Wagner for a chance at Castonzo? Or are you willing to give up Brown (Auburn) or Chase Young (OSU) to get a seasoned LT or prospect?

neither. Rather dig deeper in FA.

I hear ya. But there aren’t a lot of good options out there. Here they are:

Andrew Whitworth LT 38 LAR TBD $11,250,000 UFA -
Anthony Castonzo LT 32 IND TBD $10,953,000 UFA -
Kelvin Beachum LT 30 NYJ TBD $8,000,000 UFA -
Greg Robinson LT 27 CLE TBD $6,400,000 UFA -
Jason Peters LT 38 PHI TBD $6,000,000 UFA -
D.J. Humphries LT 26 ARI TBD $2,228,028 UFA -
Chris Clark LT 34 HOU TBD $930,000 UFA -
Cedric Ogbuehi LT 28 JAC TBD $895,000 UFA -
Dakota Dozier LT 29 MIN TBD $895,000 UFA -
Cornelius Lucas LT 29 CHI TBD $815,000 UFA -

Which would you like?

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Yeah I hadn’t looked at it yet but I feared that was the scenario. Thanks for pulling up that list. It is kind of scary

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If you look at grabbing one of the mid-range guys and you add their salary to the dead cap from Wagner you get about what Wagner would be hitting the cat for if he stayed. Curiouser and curiouser

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Has anyone found any tape of Thomas run-blocking? I see tons on him pass-blocking.


If there is no new CBA agreed to and we can’t post June 1st cut Wagner, we have to ride it with him this year.

You aren’t adequately replacing him for 5 million.

It’s a pretty easy choice for me this year, it’s Chase Young then Andrew Thomas at 1a and 1b. You take Young first bc he’ll provide the more immediate impact. Both are elite, blue chip prospects and have huge positional value relative to where we’re drafting. I don’t have to look at any other players, one of those 2 should be the pick @ #3.


Thank you Wes! He looks legit. Really good feet.

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Every year multiple teams fall in love with a QB, and with the success of the Giants taking Daniel Jones as early as they did last year, there will almost assuredly be a team willing to trade up for Tua or Herbert.