30 potential NFL cap cuts - who do you like?

Here’s a list of 30 potential or expected cap cuts.

Of these FA’s are there any you like?

Looks like Golden Tate could be available. Would you want him back? Do you think he could join the Rams?

Honestly? Not a single one. Most are too old, they need to go to teams ready to compete for a championship now. We are not that team.

That said, I could see our FO having interest in Havenstein if he’s cut.

Age, injury history, or limited ceiling are a factor for pretty much everyone on that list.

And… did anyone notice the article states Rod Marinelli is the new DC in Dallas? I bet that comes as a surpriss to Dan Quinn!!! :rofl:

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Havenstein would be ok signing he has more than couple years of solid play left IMO…They would know what they are getting. New deal would be low cap this year. an turn OL into solid with depth an young.

Jaylon Smith , John Brown and Rob Havenstein are all very interesting

Dee Ford, Kwon Alexander, Jaylin Smith, John Brown, Haverstein and another of the tackles should have their tires kicked as to what kind of deal they would take.