31st defense in the NFL

I can’t help but to find it comical that Matt Patricia’s defense is 31st in the league. Come on man…


It’s sad.

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Who is that 32nd ranked team? Lions must step up their game to prove that they’re the shittiest.

Cincinnati Bengals are 32nd

Its definitely time to move on from the old fart DC. It was nice to get someone in here Matty Patty could trust to help with his transition into his first head coaching job, but its clear the old guy is over his head.


It was Patricia’s specialty. He hired someone who would implement what he wanted. This is 99% on Patricia, and 1% on PP. He’s literally just doing what Patricia is telling him. Replacing him with someone else won’t accomplish anything. MP needs to adjust his scheme. It would also help if Quinn added some real talent to that side of the ball and not just adding payroll.


He hired Paul because he could trust him. But as a HC, and in particular a first time HC, Matt doesn’t have time for it to be “his defense.” Paul is not getting it done, so its time to move on. And yes, hiring a better DC will improve the playcalling on defense. This is a move that needs to happen this offseason, even if they just move Paul into a consulting role.


[quote=“BigTenPhan, post:6, topic:2372”]
was Patricia’s specialty. He hired someone who would implement what he wanted. This is 99% on Patricia, and 1% on PP. He’s literally just doing what Patricia is telling him. Replacing him with someone else won’t accomplish anything. MP needs to adjust his scheme. It would also help if Quinn added some real talent to that side of the ball and not just adding payroll.

From mlive

Coach Pasqualoni will be calling the defense, and he’ll be running it from that standpoint," Patricia said. "I think it’ll always be very difficult for me not to gravitate toward defense in general, and probably the linebackers in particular. That’s just kind of your comfort zone, and that’s where you tend to go. I’ll probably drive the position coaches a little bit crazy more than not. But again, I’m excited to be involved in all facets of it.

“The good thing about Coach Pasqualoni is, obviously I worked for him at Syracuse, but then when he left Syracuse, he worked in a very familiar system working for Coach (Bill) Parcells. The avenue he took was very similar from a fundamentals standpoint, so there’s a lot of things we already have a common ground from that standpoint. There might be some scheme questions about stuff I’ve done in the past that he’ll ask or that we’ll have to go over, but I’m real confident in him. I hired him to do that.”

Pasqualoni went 107-59-1 in 14 years as the head man at Syracuse. He hired Patricia, then at Division III Amherst, to be an offensive assistant in 2001. And the Orange won 10 games that season, which still matches a school high since 1987.

Patricia coached there three years, and has gone on to hire at least nine assistants who either played or coached at Syracuse. It was clearly an influential time for him, and he maintains many close relationships to people from that era.

Pasqualoni was among them, in part because of the track he followed after Syracuse fired him in 2004. He joined Parcells’ staff in Dallas, working with the tight ends in 2005, then the linebackers in 2006-07. He became the Dolphins’ defensive coordinator from 2008-09, and did some great work initially too.

He inherited a defense that ranked 30th in points allowed, and immediately climbed to ninth in Year 1. But they slid to 25th in Year 2, and Pasqualoni was fired. He got another crack at it in Dallas in 2010, and now his old friend has given him another opportunity in Detroit – although Patricia expects to be involved in the process as well.

“In general, I’ll call whatever I need to offensively, defensively or special teams,” Patricia said. “But yeah, he’ll be in charge.”


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Could be worse…never mind, I cannot sell that.


All I have to say is that if things do not turn around quickly some one should be looking for a new job at the end of the season.

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Firing Coach P is not the answer. They just lack in talent. The LB position in particular is a disgrace. They need legit pass rushers too!


I was one of the first ones to stand up and defend Austin because the team lacked talent. I can’t give Coach P the same pass. This defense has more talent than being the worst defense in football, and it has more talent than Austin was working with for 2-3 years when Teryl got better production out of his guys than Paul is doing right now.


Patricia is running the defense. Coach P is just his “yes man”. A legit DC would want to run his own type of defense. I don’t know if Patricia will go for that. He’s been a DC on Super Bowl winning teams. The pass rush is pathetic and that is mainly due to a lack of good pass rushing talent.


Patricia is involved in the defense but he’s not “running” it. Maybe we’d be better off if he was, but he chose not to run it. Mike Zimmer is running his own defense while trying to be the head coach. There is a difference. Paul is running our defense, with involvement from Matt. What’s happening right now is why guys like Zimmer refuse to let someone else run their side of the ball…because they know their name is attached to it no matter what.


Does the NFL have a transfer portal?

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I wish it were that easy, but I’m quite sure that Patricia signs off on every single defensive alignment during a game. I’m sure he is in total alignment with the defensive game plan. All Paz is, is another voice teaching the same exact script. IMHO of course. What it will take is Quinn having a meeting with Patricia and pointing out schematic things that will have to change starting with next week. If we were selling out with big fat guys who can’t rush in order to totally take the run off the table, I could understand. But what we have are big fat guys who aren’t stopping backup RB’s from running all over them, and that can’t rush.

Flowers is FINALLY starting to be semi-disruptive (gee thanks), but he is totally alone with that. When we blitz, our LB’s aren’t getting home, they are getting blocked and then it’s a 40 yard pass play. When I hear “we’ve got to keep working on the fundamentals,” what I’m hearing is, we don’t have to change what we are doing, we just have to ahem “do it better.” So my heart is sinking right now and I’m starting to question whether we have to blow it up again. Again we have a HC and architect of our defensive scheme that is too arrogant to change, even when what he believes in is delivering bottom of the league level results.


semantics…similarly Belichick has been running his defense from day 1. If you don’t agree with that I don’t know what to say. Coach P is just the figurehead on game day. Make no mistake it is Patricia’s defense. The buck stops with him during training camp,practices and on game day. Watch him on the sidelines, he is heavily involved during the game too. Do you not think Patricia is the guy to make half time adjustments? He just doesn’t have much to workl with and the guys are still not understanding their assignments. There is a ton of latitude to make make decisions AFTER the snap and the players are just not doing it properly. Maybe the defense is too complicated for this group. Jerrod Davis is a mental midget for instance.

This is just untrue, kanard was a fa pick up they wanted, they just re up jones and davis was a 1 rd pic. So they have the lbers they wanted. Its not the lbers its the system. Patricia doesnt biltz much , and his teams dont depend on a rush they depend on coverage. Its a bad scam . he is a systems guy who cant adapt his system to the players . he has to have exact players in certain positions for it to work. Its a bad fit here.

It’s the worst LB group in the NFL and Davis might be the worst LB in the league. I don’t care if he was a first rd pick. Watch NE’s defense and tell me they don’t get pressure on the QB. Even the best set of DB’s in the league will fail without pressure on the QB.

Yeah and i dont care what lbers u have, with the way the dline is playing this poor and the back field not playing well. Its not going to matter. Speilman said it best. When the dline playes good he was great, when they played bad he wasnt as good.