3rd Pick I’m calling it

Andrew Thomas, OT, Georgia

I’d go D line though

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Chase young if possible. After that derrick Brown or Andrew Thomas. I want the strongest defensive player but after young and brown i think it goes downhill. Not sure on Epenesa that high.

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Derrick Brown-DL Auburn. Stout against the run. Also won’t allow QBs to step up in the pocket in the passing game. Perfect compliment to Flowers. Will replace A’Shawn


We should hope Miami ends up at 4 for trade purposes.

Maybe a team would be inclined to jump up for a qb?

They have to go defense at 3OA after this abortion on that side of the ball this season and taking TE last year


I’d be happy with either Young or Brown, would have be a king’s ransom to trade down with either of those two on the board.

I could see Tavai doing great things working behind Brown, that would be fun to watch!


Well, let’s take a look. Let’s assume the Bengals are #1.

  1. Giants 3-11
  2. Dolphins 3-11
  3. Redskins 3-11
  4. Lions 3-10-1
  5. Cardinals 4-9-1

Giants remaining schedule (0-2 prediction)

@ Redskins
Vs eagles

Dolphins remaining schedule (1-1 prediction)

Vs Bengals
@ Patriots

Redskins remaining schedule (1-1 prediction)

Vs giants
@ cowboys

Lions remaining schedule (0-2 prediction)

@ Broncos
Vs packers

This would put the lions at #3 behind Cincinnati and New York

The way they are playing I would bet NYG beats Washington.


Let’s hope so.

As you stated in other threads, having Washington in front of us is much better than having the Giants in front of us.

Will be rooting for the Giants next week for sure.

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I bet we reach again.


Assuming the Lions lose out and finish at #3 may present intriguing trade down possibilities. If Wash finishes at #4, with their desperately needed LT to replace Trent Williams, the Lions may switch with Wash and garner at least a 3rd Round #66 (2nd Pick in 3rd Round per Tankathon). You can bet the first 2-3 Picks in the 3rd Round are very valuable. Lions can obtain DT Brown lower than #3 in the 1st Round or keep the Pick, jettison RT Wagner & Save CAP $$ to recycle/cover WR Golladay upcoming payday 1 year earlier. If the Lions keep the #3 Pick and select LT Andrew Thomas, they would have max flexibility/insurance with current LT Decker.

Lions have LT Decker for 2020, regardless. Decker may grumble/balk if the Lions tell him their new long-term plans are to play him at RT. He would be free to leave in 2021. Decker may think like Rieff and bolt to secure LT $$. I read Andrew Thomas is a “Dancing Bear”, which Decker isn’t. Thomas may become similar to the Cowboys LT Tyron Smith or not.

To extend Stafford’s career, he must be protected. If any team has the possibility of drafting the No.1 LT, you do it and don’t look back. LT are worth more than DT or DE. Personally, I’d see if I could snag an additional 2nd Round & 3rd Round Pick and still draft in the top 10. Quinn just might be able to do it.

This would be the scenario that needs to play out to get to #2:

Giants remaining schedule (1-1 prediction)
@ Redskins W
Vs eagles L

Dolphins remaining schedule (1-1 prediction)

Vs Bengals W
@ Patriots L

Redskins remaining schedule (1-1 prediction)

Vs giants L
@ cowboys W

Lions remaining schedule (0-2 prediction)

@ Broncos L
Vs packers L

Walk on down Chase Young.

Yeah, 3 is the top end there. I don’t think you can count on Washington winning another game.

Please, please no.

Look at Nick Chubb. I would love to have a 1500 yard back. That is awesome, jealous.

Nick Chubb Round 2 Pick 35, Kerryon Johnson Round 2 Pick 43. Damn we just missed him.

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We should root for the Redskins. There’s a much better chance that the Giants beat the Eagles at home in what could very well be a meaningless game for Philly. Actually, the last game could very well be meaningless for Philly and Dallas.

What we should also hope for is the last game to be meaningful for Green Bay. It should be with the 3 loss teams bunched so tightly and what could easily be a loss at Minny.

If Dallas locks up the division, I could see them pulling back before the playoffs. But in that scenario, I can not see Doug Pederson taking his foot off the gas vs the Giants. In the reverse, I do not think Pederson will take his foot off the gas if they lock up the division, and I definitely do not see the Cowboys mailing it in vs the Redskins if they are out of the playoffs. That’s a long winded way of saying that I think the Eagles will be all in for week 17 no matter what and the Cowboys have at least a 1/2 chance of being all in trying to win…even if the game is “meaningless” in regards to the playoffs.

With Eli at QB, they have a much better chance.

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Even if the Eagles are all in, I could see them losing to the Giants. Quite frankly, they stink.
I have a hard time envisioning Washington winning in Dallas no matter who Dallas puts out there.

Anyway, I don’t think it’s been mentioned but Atlanta, Jacksonville and Arizona all winning in the late window over better teams was big for Team Tank. If the Redskins could have pulled it off against Philly, it would have been a near perfect day.
This is our Superbowl (Toilet Bowl?), I’m embracing it, might as well root for something.