4 tickets to the NYG game

These are a friends seats near my seats. So you’ll be close enough to throw popcorn at me if you want to… lol

Everyone in our section are season ticket holders so you don’t have to worry if you want to bring your kids. No drunks just serious fans. These are coveted seats by season ticket holders. I believe two of these seats are isle seats.

Face value is $86 ea if anyone’s interested.

Here’s a view from just above these seats. The pic doesn’t do it justice. It’s a great location to watch the game. image|666x500

I was going to take them until you said “no drunks” allowed. That disqualifies me.

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I didn’t say they weren’t allowed but this isn’t the section drunks would want to sit in. That’s in level 3… lol

As Bobby Ross would say… “abandon ship… womp, womp, womp, womp”