49ers vs Cardinals Game Thread

Kenyan Drake opens up the game with a 36 yard run. I’m so glad we didn’t trade for him. LOL


Lollerz on the first play!

Yeah, but we’ve got that extra fifth :man_facepalming:

On Cardinals +10 tonight. Murray is the truth.

I really enjoy watching him play. Doug Flutie meets Michael Vick

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Where the Drake peeps?

Holy crap what an accurate description. Nice.

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And Drake is in for the score.

So pissed we didn’t fork over that Seattle fifth for him.

Perhaps we thought we were close to getting Freeman. Personally I would’ve preferred Drake just because of the lack of financial commitment. I used to really like Freeman but RBs and football injuries seem like a bad combination

I’m still confused how Justin Pugh was ever a 1st round pick.

I am not sold on Jimmy G

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In my lame trademark hockey takeover attempt, Nate Schmidt & Alex Tuch both return to the VGK lineup against Montreal tonight.

We could have had a combined Det/Card RB corp. Wow, we would be…average.


Drake’s 1st half is better than any whole game from a back we have had this year outside of Kerryon vs the Chiefs

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Cards can’t get going, because everybody knows Murray can’t handle pocket pressure…

You guys think he’s that good, for real?

Zach Zenner sighting! LOL
Clearly, the Cards don’t know how to use him!


Kenyan Drake 10 70 1 7
Zach Zenner 1 -3 0 -3
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Did the Cards just call that timeout?

Yeah not sure what they see in the little man!!!
He’s shown me nothing that makes him “special”
NFL is a mans league this isn’t the Big 12 conference

I’m not sure what’s going to happen to Kyle Shanahan’s career. But my personal feelings are that he’s one of the great football minds of our time and he’s a level above most other guys in the league. He’s made his mistakes and taken his lumps, but he just keeps getting stronger from it.

I said it in another thread but I will say it again. I believe in hiring a GM I believe in and then giving him 2-3 head coaching hires to “get it right.” I feel differently about Kyle Shanahan. I would hire him and allow him 2-3 GMs to “get it right.”