Why not? Just throwing this one out there into the cosmos.

-Lions move down to #5 and acquire the Dolphins #26 in the exchange. (plus more, but not the focus here)

-Seattle sits at #27 with the next pick. Seattle hasn’t selected in their original 1rst round position since the 2011 draft. They have either traded down with from their original slot in the 1rst round or they outright traded the 1rst round pick for a player. What are the odds they select at #27 in this years draft?

Trade value chart for reference:

#27 Seattle = 680 points
#35 + #85 Detroit (550 + 165) = 715

We keep our #67 original 3rd round pick.


I generally don’t like the talent pool in the late 20s. In that scenario I’d rather use 26 and other picks to move back up to 12ish and get a second elite player.

1st round talent drops off in the high teens in the best of years, falling short of 10 some years. So, yeah, I’m not interested in stepping over tier 1 talent either.

I’d thought it was around 17/18 on account of reaches and what not. Thats2, who’s much more informed than I on all topics draft related thought it was more like 15. I had Love going early which he did not.

3QBs, 3WRs, 4OTs, 2 DTs, 1 DE, 1LB/S, 2CB seems to be the elite group. That’s 16.

Chaisson could go in the top 12-14 as well on account of scarcity and upside. If Love does as well then that pushes one of those guys down to 18.

The Browns have been rumored to be interested in moving down. Going to take a ton but if we can get good value from Miami we could potentially get two top ten picks and then just forgo the second round.