5 catches 201 yards

Big play Marvin Hall.


That’s pretty impressive. I’d like to see him get more opportunities.

Small body of work but I agree that I like what he has done this year!

I’m thinking that’s all he does well
But that’s OK!!

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Fire Quinn!


Dude just gets open!

It is a product of the fact that the Lions have Kenny, Danny, Marvin, TJ and he gets left one on one with the worst DB on the other team.

They can’t double team everybody and put their #1CB on everybody. The fact that we have lots of weapons in the receiving game is making him a star

So…Quinn sucks?


Of course



Brilliant play design today lining him up in the slot.

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Exactly what I was thinking. LOL.

Exactly. He’s always going to be single covered, and Matt can just take a quick peek to see how open he is/isn’t. If it’s there, fling it!

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Marvin Hall’s speed is legit. He is FAST… probably the fastest player on the team. Every time he has had his number called he makes the play. He’s going to keep getting opportunities as long as he is capitalizing on them.


If you’re going to be a one-trick pony, that’s a damn good trick to have.


Yup - even though we rarely go to him, you can’t ignore the dude, or it will most likely cost you points!

Nice job, Quinn!

Timing for he and Stafford was great from the start!

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Get him the damn ball!

I’ve been begging for the Lions to add a burner to take the top off the defense. I don’t care if that’s all he’s good at. I’m extremely happy Hall was added to the roster and he’s doing his thing and making plays.

The thing I like is that he isn’t dropping them. When we get him the ball he catches it (so far knock on wood)


I have heard some concern about the “predictability” of the offensive play calls like when Hall is in the game Stafford is going to throw to him…but I also think that like others have said you can’t double everyone and he is so fast that it only takes a second for Stafford to see that he has his man beat and launches it…think the his route every time is simple…“GO LONG” and if he is covered then Stafford just can go elsewhere…but so far he hasn’t been even touched.

Marvin Hall has played 64 Snaps and has 5 catches. There is no predictability when he is in the game.

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