7 potential cap causalities for Detroit Lions

Nothing really new here, but it’s all in one place.

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Cut em all! None of these guys will be missed and certainly none of them are worth the $$$ they are gonna make!


100%. They can all be replaced with younger, cheaper options without a drastic dropoff in production, IMO.


How do we save 4 million by cutting shelton?

$4M for the cash salary.

$1.25M signing bonus is dead money whether he’s on the roster or not.

I would probably keep Shelton and cut the rest.

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So it’s actually a 2.75 million savings if we were to cut him, correct?

No because the Lions save the full $4M in salary. In other words, his salary cap hit without cutting him is $5.25M.

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Ah ok, thanks.

I agree! Everyone on that list should be cut!!!

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How much to get out of the Collins and Vaitai :face_vomiting: contracts?

You saved nothing and I’m pretty sure it’s negative to cut both players. Next season you can move on from both but Vaitai will have a cap hit for a few more season regardless.

The lions basically have to see if they can get something out of him this season and if not, cut him next year to save 4.6 I think.

Collins money is all guaranteed this year and we save nothing by cutting him but next year we can get out of the contract basically Scott free.

In other words, Bob Quinn left this roster in terrible shape for the next few years. All his free against signings have been disasters the last few seasons.

Come to think of it… the only singing that was decent in his time here was Marvin Jones

Absolutely terrible GM that made me wish Mayhew had stayed. I’m pretty sure if he drafted Donald instead of Ebron, he might still be our GM lol

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I am fine with letting go of Trufant, Coleman, Williams, Shelton, Jones, Daniel and James. Yup, all seven of them can find a new home as far as I am concerned. This would save us $26.8 million against the cap. While it also creates seven more rosters holes, most will agree that these would be huge addition by subtraction moves with the exception of maybe Shelton.

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Shelton’s the only one I might keep. He’d be motivated to play well because it’s a contract year for him. And he has shown some flashes in his career, former 1st rounder, and can take on double teams at Nose Tackle. I guess it depends how much they believe in Mr. Penisini! Oh What a name.

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I’m kinda curious to see what Shelton, hand and our other dlineman can do in a one gap scheme vs the two gap they’ve been playing. If we stay with the 4-3 that is.

Here is my take…

Penisini didn’t earn a starting gig. He did prove a good use of a late round pick and 500k of cap space. The combo of he and Shelton would cost 5.7M for 2 roster spots and 2 decent run stuffer options. Shelton has had 2-3 nice seasons and he’s young enough still. He’s a big guy with some talent, and to only save 4M I don’t think we get a better replacement.

Take a look at Sanu vs Ammendola’s careers. They’ve been the same guy virtually. Yet we paid 1 of them 9M over 2 years and one makes 1M per year.

We have to get away from these mid range deals.

No reason to pay a vet CB 10M a year to be the same quality of player of AO

All these guys other than Shelton are late round picks, and all could be replaced by 1M per year guys like Sanu, Roberts, Ford type guys and late round picks.

Trufant and N Williams are Kenny G’s money

Shelton is in his contract year. It could be that we’ll see better production from him cuz he’ll want another shot at a big contract in 2022. Plus, maybe the Lions change up their DL schemes and maybe that helps him play better. Maybe. The question is, can they draft or find a cheaper DT FA that is just as good or better? The Lions only have so much cap space and I doubt they can upgrade everywhere they want to in the 1st year of the new regime.

Actually, probably true.

I’d jettison them all except Shelton…unless they find a better option in the draft or FA.

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I kinda think Shelton is what he is at this point. I’m really curious to see what hand can do. If he can actually stay healthy for once. Not holding my breath for that one.