86% of Lions fans polled on POD

Like I said…that wasn’t just the garden variety…“give credit to the other team”

That was genuine respect for Patricia, the staff and the players

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Reverse the two bad calls and we have another W.
Just depends how many more times they allow themselves to be in a position that a bad call or two can turn the game. They’ve got to realize they need to be up at least two TD’s to keep the Refs from giving the game to the team that is supposed to win (not the Lions).

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“The crowd was loud…”

“we all know that…our ears are ringing from it”

“This is a tough place to play”

This is cool but also kind of funny. It’s like we are seeing a speck of light after wandering a dark cave for years…

And what does that say about us fans if almost 90% of us feel better after a loss

It’s like we are abused wives who just got a flower. Never mind all the bruises. He really does love me! He can change!