A 3 round Defensive Draft. Lions take Okwara

For all of you Lions fans that want the Lions to go all defense here’s a 3 round mock for you that does just that.

Lions get:
CB Okudah
DE: Okwara
LB: Dye

Would you like this draft?

How do you feel about the Lions taking Julian Okwara to replace his own brother? Feels like a bad mojo pick to me.

I am at the point where I would rather just go all in on offense. You have a unit that is decent, see if you can put it over the top and just win track meets every week. The Lions are not a few players away from a good defensive unit. Patricia cripples that unit as well.

If Quinn selects a CB in the first, whether it be at 3, or even in a trade down. It will be the final nail in his coffin… just like Mayhews last draft when he took Tomlinson and Abdullah.

I hope the first two are Young and Kenneth Murray. That is a disruptive factor and a coverage linebacker. I have toyed with a Jeudy/Dobbins start.


I’ve watched quite a bit of Okudah this year and I believe he is the real deal. I’ve also seen this same projection of Julian to us in the second round on other sites, but only watched him against Michigan. This three round projection would certainly be a step in the right direction for fixing some of our areas of concern.

Iggy, why the hate for Okudah or any CB in the first? Just curious as I see this kid as a stud, shut down type CB who could step in for Slay when he is gone next season. If Young is gone and we aren’t able to slide down, then who exactly would you pick at 3?

Okudah at 3 and being the shutdown replacement for Slay…I guess that is my short term/long term vision for a pick of this nature. Not that I expect Quinn to do the expected and follow through on his proclamation of having a vision.


honestly we need immediate impact players, and it’s painfully obvious where that impact needs to be, especially after watching the playoffs.

we need pressure on the QB. Period. Our coverage was actually decent they just got killed by lack of pressure.


Not to answer for Iggy, but he and I have the same view of taking corners high in the draft… It’s bad value. Corners take too long to adjust to the pro game and by the time you get a return on the high draft capital you invested, they’re ready for their 2nd contract. Good corners are available every year in FA, best to pay for one instead of spending draft capital, wait for them to develop and have to pay for it anyway.

I’m not Iggy but I think CB at 3 is rather high for any CB. There’s a reason few are ever drafted that high. Mainly because they take years to develop. Keep in mind MP and BQ need immediate impact players in order to save their jobs. So it would be a huge risk taking a CB at 3.

However you rarely see a TE go in round one, let alone top 10 but that’s never stop us before. So I wouldn’t put it past BQ.

I do like CB a lot more if we trade down.

Dye would be fantastic though he’s completely the opposite type of linebacker that the staff has targeted to this juncture.

I’d be fine with that draft but we’d have to get some interior DL help in free agency

I think we need to see what happens in FA first.

Okudah looks like a stud and I’d have no problem landing him in the first. I agree we desperately need help at getting to the QB but I think that’s a problem we can solve in FA. Go add Fowler or Quinn and draft a pass rush specialist somewhere in the middle rounds.

I think Okwara would replace Kennard actually, if I had to guess. He’s more of a athletic standup guy.

I’ve done this simulated draft many times, but most of the times I go offense in round 3, or Antoine Winfield Jr. at FS.