A couple of DT's that stood out at the Combine

Sometimes I like to look at the combine results and see if anyone stood-out that I hadn’t heard of before or maybe should watch some more clips on. A few DT’s results caught my eye.

Khalil Davis DT Nebraska
He ran a 4.75 forty at 6’1"-308lbs, 32 reps.
Last year he had 8 sacks, 11 TFL’s, and even had a pass-defended.

Carlos Davis DT Nebraska (Khalil’s brother)
He ran a 4.82 forty at 6’2"-313lbs. 27 reps.
Last year he had 4 sacks, 4.5 TFL’s.

Neville Gallimore DT Oklahoma
He ran a 4.79 forty at 6’2"- 304lbs. 23 reps.
4 sacks, 2 forced fumbles last year.

Justin Madubuike DT Texas A&M
He ran a 4.83 forty at 6’3"-293lbs. 31 reps.
5.5 sacks each of the last two years, 11.5 TFL’s,


They need somebody to disrupt the pocket and stuff the run. Maybe the new DC will be more creative rather than rushing 3 too often. Sometimes I think you gotta bring the house.

Holy shit, if I see a 3-man rush again this season, I’m going to throw my tv off my back porch!

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Where is Khalil Davis projected?
8 sacks last season and that kind of athleticism could be awesome!

See that my thing people keep debating weather this team got better player wise. And talent was our problem. I don’t think talent was the problem I think it’s Patricia’s system, the whole rush 3 was him . I think his defense fails even with his guys . I think this year proves it is his system and not the players.

I agree but also to run his system you need the right roster an I really don’t think he had the people to run what he wants.

We also had some injuries that took few players like Hand out of the mix an even Snacks had his issues.

However this year he better produce meaning MP. He has add IMO some players he needs in FA. Collins was a big add Flowers should be 100% so should Hand they added a space eater an What we have in Williams i don’t know not being a Bears fan but if we get his production from last season it will be major plus.

We have a couple in Strong as a Undrafted rookie got some playing time an i read Lions liked what they saw . Now we will add in draft my guess 2 one on edge an one DT .

I have been supporter of MP an this is his year to show if he can make that D tick. These are his players now ones we signed last season an this . Gone Slay Diggs couple LBs starters an the DL is completely changed with his players.

I agree we can’t just rush 3 all the time an when we rush more they failed most of the time.
I think are secondary will be better but they need help to cover to get a rush.

Lets see how draft goes .

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It was partly talent I think, with all those injuries to the DL early on and then losing Stafford. But I’m interested to see if the new DC runs his own defense or whether it’s still Patricia calling the shots. If you’re going to rush 3 then you gotta have 3 pretty good DLs that apply pressure, or you better have one shit-hot secondary. Neither of which the Lions had or have now IMHO. Which means to me that you better get creative by sending guys from different positions and in different numbers. Put 8 or 9 guys right up on the LOS and maybe you can get somebody in there unblocked.


The Davis twins are out of this world athletes. Might have had a shot at the Olympics had they solely focused on the shot put and/or discuss. Can’t recall which they were best at but they were elite at both in high school if I recall correctly.

Between Chinander and Diaco they’ve been miscast as 5Ts in a 3-4 the last two years. I think they each have a chance to be useful as penetrating under tackles in a rotation. Though they’re quite strong for their size they’re not really built to handle the run on the inside at the pro level. Carlos was thought to be the better player coming out of high school but Khalil’s SR year was by far the best production out of either of them in college. I’d imagine Khalil is a heavy favorite to go first.

Maybe late 5th and then 7th. Something like that. Pretty sure neither is a full time NFL starter, but they each have a shot to be part of a successful rotation.

You could do worse late in the draft.

I have been hyping Gallimore ever since the Senior bowl. I like the kid and if he makes it to us in round two than I could see the pick.

Yeah, I know you’ve been high on Neville.

CBS Sports has him No 183 overall. Weaknesses: Slow to get out of stance; needs to work on defeating double teams.