A disgrace






Aaron Donald pressures this season: 33 Detroit Lions pressures this season: 43



At least we got Ebron catching TD’s and making pancake blocks.


I love these trips down memory lane…


And we kept Suh, who has been a staple in Detroit anchoring the defensive line. Donald was really just a luxury pick anyways. Best to go with the current niche picks. Pass catching TE’s with bad hands are all the rage.


Exactly. Unreal myopia by Quinn.

Everyone is an expert in retrospect.

I remember lots of talk about trying to get Watkins, maybe picking up Evans as a consolation. Some people talked about Lewan, a few thought Beckham would be a thing. One of the scout wannabes was high on Clinton-Dix. But there was precious little stumping for Aaron Donald 'round these parts.

I only remember one guy just hammering on Aaron Donald. Over and over and over. I remember thinking the guy wasn’t quite right, I don’t think he was a good communicator (at least not written communication). But most people dismissed him and the idea of Donald.

I’m not saying that Ebron was a good pick; I was in the “anybody but Ebron” camp and was part of the majority that was disappointed. But there’s an awful lot of selective memory that goes on when reliving the 2014 draft as it relates to Donald. There was virtually no one clamoring for him, save for one dude everyone thought was a kook.

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Eh… I remember it a bit differently. You are right about many wanting Watkins, and wanting to trade up to draft him… but there were many folks that wanted Donald. I would say 20% at least wanted Donald at the time. I remember this because I was strongly against drafting Donald because of the resources already used on the DT position. There were also a few that wanted Gilbert.

I wasn’t high on Donald, especially with DT being a strength of the team, I wanted Odell, Lewan or Mosley

I was on Moseley. Hey, no worries, I mean we were sure to score a great MLB in the next couple drafts…I mean after Claiborne and Sims we were due, right?

I was also all over Derrick Johnson back in the day…

Jake Matthews was my favorite player of that draft. As for the Lions, I was leaning toward Justin Gilbert, but he was taken before us. As bad a pick as Ebron was, WOW Justin Gilbert would have been much worse.

Gilbert was a taller Terry Fair.

My favorites that cycle for guys that would be available at our pick were Donald, Beckham and Kyle Fuller. Of the players who were scheduled before our pick, i was a Sammy Watkins fanboy.

Yep. I was all about trading up for Sammy. One of my fav college players ever. If we weren’t trading, Clinton-Dix was my pick. I remember not loving Donald, but I would’ve been ok with him. Was not a fan of OBJ or Lewan.

I was high on Donald and made a thread about the reasons why we should take him. The points were that I didn’t feel like Suh would stay, Fairley never lived-up to his potential and was fat and lazy, and C.J. Moseley was on his last year of his contract as well. We were losing 3 of our top DT’s. I didn’t know that Donald would be as good as he is and I’m really not an advocate of taking DT’s in the first round but this was the exception, blame it on Mayhew not having DT’s so I guess I got lucky and made to look like a genius by luck.

My recollection was most of the board wanted a WR. There was a lot of talk about trading up for Watkins or staying pat for Evans.

My top choice in that draft was Mack but I knew we would have to trade up to get him. Me and LSW? (Lions wings) Whatever happened to him anyway? We were both huge on Mack in that draft.

My memory was that Landry and OBJ only came into talks as a trade down scenario. I recall debating both WR’s. I recall that most thought Landry would be better. I know Wes was big on Landry in a trade down scenario. I personally liked them both in a trade down scenario.

I know there was debate on Donald. The debate was his size and the thought that we didn’t need him. I personally loved Donald but didn’t think he’d make it to us and I didn’t think Mayhew would draft him.

LBer CJ Mosley was another player that I really liked. I thought we could get him in a trade down scenario. I started a thread on Mosley and how LBer was a big need. There were a few of us in the Mosley camp but most of us considered him to be an option only in a trade down.

There were a lot of really good players in that draft and everyone knew it. There was serious talk about it and arguments were made to not trade down or up for that reason. I think this is why many of us were shocked and disappointed when we took Ebron.

Bob Quinn

By the way, my thinking on Donald was that if he was all that, he’d be selected by Minny. For all the comparisons to Atkins, who better is there than Atkins’ own coach?

I wanted Donald because damn near everyone in the world knew Suh wasnt going to stay…it was a no brainer imo, but thats the Lions, they got no brain.

Yeah, Watkins was on my list as well. I think Sportycliche was really the only one that I remember that was in love with OBJ…and I said this before, at the time, I don’t remember many wanting Donald but a few were ok with it like me…but now it seems like everyone says they wanted him really bad…hmmm??? LOL