A letter to my Mom: by Jeff Okudah


Well worth the read. Tells a lot about this kid and what he had to go through to achieve his goals.

BIA…“best in America”

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I wouldn’t be unhappy one bit if we took him


Of course you wouldn’t. If Quinn takes a CB at #3 he should be fired on the spot.

Bob Quinn should probably have been fired already. If he lets Slay walk and then takes a CB, I agree with you. If he manages to keep slay in the fold and drafts Okuda I wouldn’t love it but I also wouldn’t hate it, depending on how else they address the D line and horrendous LB corps.


Amari was starting to put it together. He’s catching on to the speed of the game.
I’d hate taking a CB before the 4th round.


DBs are useless if they have to cover for 6-8 seconds. I don’t care how good they are, and I’m still not convinced he’s all that great. We need help In the front 7. If we don’t address these issues we may be in for another long year.


But if Young isn’t there, there isn’t another front seven defensive player worthy of the #3 pick. That’s the problem. And reaching for need is one surefire way to draft a bust. I also think the top 5-10 picks should almost always be BPA (except QBs), which is why I’m certain the Redskins will draft Young despite having a stronger need on the OL. If Okudah is BPA, so be it.

No DB has been taken top 3 in the draft since 97’. This kid isn’t going top 3. Just stop. The pick has to be QB, DE or OT. So the pick better be a QB or Andrew Thomas because Burrow and Young will both be gone.

I think Thomas would be a smart pick, but do you really think these 2 guys trying to save their jobs at this point will take a position like LT? They need a lot of help, I think they will try to get a flashy immediate impact type player or try to trade down and get three mediocre low floor players. Probably the second thing because that’s what Quinn seems to enjoy.

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Wagner isn’t great.

But there are no June 1st cuts so you eat 5.8 million in dead money to cut him so you only gain 6 million in cap space.

I’m riding it out with him another year.

I take a less than market value trade down before I take a tackle.

Is the consensus that there is only going to be 2 elite prospects in this draft?

This post wasn’t supposed to be about the NFL Draft and if we should pick Okudah.

I took a few minutes and read the entire article that this kid took the time to write. It’s a letter to his Mother who passed away from Cancer just before the start of his Freshman year.

It’s a great read and I’m a fan of Okudah whether the Lions draft him or not.


I’d say the pick has to be DE or some sort of dlineman. Our failiing was pressure on the QB, and that’s it. coverage was good.

if we fail to address getting pressure on the qb then 2020 we might get 4 wins.

But there’s just so many words. Someone might actually have to read it to really understand BIA.

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How can you not be a fan after reading that? Someone going to get a great ball player and a great guy. I wouldn’t mind if it were us.

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Not gonna front, this ol’ tough guy had a swell of emotion rise up when I read his “BIA” line about his mother.

And as I get going on this next journey of mine, and say goodbye to Ohio State and start the process leading up to April’s NFL draft — I know you’re going to be here with me then, too.

*I’m sure teams will ask me about you. *

They’ll ask me about my upbringing. They’ll ask me about my mom, Marie, who passed away. They’ll try to figure me out, by trying to figure you out. And honestly I can’t wait.

Because I’ll just tell them the truth.

I’ll tell them that we never had the most money, in terms of our financial situation. And that we didn’t have the most time, in terms of our years we got to spend together. But we had the most love — that’s for sure. We had more love than anyone could ever imagine.

I’ll tell them that I was raised by a mother who believed in me and who supported me, and who always made me feel like my dreams were worth dreaming about — and then fighting for. I’ll tell them that, simply put, I was raised by the best.


And not a day goes by that I don’t miss her more than anything in the world.

Washington may well move down for a team hungry to get their franchise QB. They’ve got Sweat so the extra draft capital may be more attractive to them than Young. So if QBs go 1 & 2, Young will be sitting there for DET.

When Jim Schwartz was our HC, he was asked about drafting CB’s and he said that CB’s are the most oft-injured players in the NFL so you need to be taking one or two every draft. (I’m paraphrasing)

Because of that reason alone, I wouldn’t take a CB in top 3 of the draft. Now, on the other hand, if he’s the next Revis (he’s definitely not Deion) would it be such a bad pick?..no, but still.

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Yeah, he really brought it home. It ties what he aspires to be as being led by her example. It validates both his own goals and his mother’s value all in one. “Best ever” is thrown around about as much as “umm” by DB’s. His letter gave it meaning, authenticity.

Thanks for sharing it here.

Great CBs seldom make it to free agency so if you are going to get one it is most likely through the draft. That said many excellent CBs have been picked in later rounds. There are 3 premium positions as Iggy has stated. NO elite QB makes it to free agency. Rarely does an elite pass rusher make it or a LT either so in the top 3 you want one of those positions.

I think Okudah is the best player at his position and the kind of player that Quinn likes with high character but not worthy of #3 overall. His story is compelling but his play was also assisted by the Bosa boys and Chase Young. We need pass rush. If we do go with Jeff we better keep Slay and then put those 2 guys on islands and rush 6 so they don’t have to cover long.