A letter to my Mom: by Jeff Okudah

I know this thread is about this kid’s beautiful letter to his Mom but I do think he should be under consideration for #3.

The last 2 Ohio State corners picked highly both went to Pro Bowl their rookie year and Lattimore was an all pro.

Their scheme and coaching fits the pro game.

This is kid was better in college than both Latimore and Ward plus he’s bigger and faster than both

And no TE had been taken in the top 7 in a dozen years.

That definitely won’t stop The Smartest Guy in the Room.

I mean, you can resign Slay and draft this kid, then your starting CBs are Slay/Okudah with Coleman in the slot and Omiwhoareyou developing behind them. Top notch group.

They’ve obviously got to come up with a pass rusher, but that guy could arrive via FA or in rounds 2-3.

I don’t think you pass on a CB simply because of position.


This kid needs to reach out to Glover Quin to take his next steps on being a true professional. Glover would be a great mentor.

Great read. I rarely watch college football so I had no idea about his story.

Good points one was taken at 11 the other at 4. If we traded back he makes a lot more sense. We need a game changer and he would help, so it would matter what we did in FA and then this pick could work but I’d like to move back a little to get him.

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Not sure how I replied to you Wrath…on my phone so who knows.

Meant for this to the OP.

On a separate note with the draft. I think Young is gone and we draft Thomas.

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Honestly, I would welcome a trade down for a guy like Delpit. He would bring energy and Swagger to this defense something strongly lacking.

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“Pat Pete. Ramsey. Whoever you want to compare him to, go ahead,” said one area scout tasked with scouting Ohio State. “He’s better than any dude that’s come out of there.”

One Ohio State staffer said he’s “the most mature and self-motivated cornerback out of the recent ones” they’ve had. Mature and self-motivated are two words not often used to describe cornerbacks, who can be high-maintenance and attention-seeking.

“We’re talking about a kid who enrolled early and was a scholar athlete as a true freshman,” said the area scout. “At most schools he starts right away, but [Ohio State] had Denzel Ward and Kendall Sheffield in there. He’s the most naturally gifted cornerback I’ve seen since Ramsey—but he’s not going to worry you with his mouth.”

“I was there for Ward and Marshon. Okudah is what would happen if you combined their positive traits,” said a former Ohio State assistant coach.

From Matt Miller’s Scouting Notebook: https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2857522-matt-millers-scouting-notebook-jeff-okudah-is-top-cb-talent-since-jalen-ramsey


If it’s Okudah I’m okay with it. I’m hopeful that’s after a move down to 5 but I can live with it regardless. We’d be elite at CB in year 1 and then hopefully going forward with one more year of development out of Amani.

Can’t disagree with this. There are no absolute rules in the draft, because each one is unique. Brian Burns would be the #2 EDGE in this draft. Quenton Nelson was drafted in the top 5 and was absolutely worth it. I think you should not be locked into “BPA” because it has to be a blend between need, talent and value where you pick. Okudah would NOT be a bad pick. At 3? Tough call because a franchise LT will be there and we could use one. He and Decker could duke it out and the other guy goes to RT moving on from Wagner.

BUT. Our offense with Bevell is light years ahead of our defense with Patricia and both of those situations remain for 2020 (with a one year mandate to go from crap to really good). Yes we need pass rush, but do you reach for the DE from Iowa or Penn State over Okudah? Okudah is not a little better value wise, he’s a lot better IMHO. He’s a big, tall, fast, sticky, aggressive CB from a top flight program who has shut down first round NFL talent. Those guys don’t exactly grow on trees. If he’s a grade A human being, that’s even harder to get with that package. There is a reason why everyone in the world is saying he’s a top 5 pick, so no it is not “stupid” to draft a guy like that up top.

That said, IF Young is gone, that means that the #1 LT and the #2 QB are still on the board. There is no reason to sit at 3 and reach for anyone here. Trade down and collect picks then take the guy who falls, whether it’s Thomas or Okuda, or then it makes it more palatable for a Brown, Gross-Matos or Iowa kid (can’t spell his name yet).


I agree with you to be honest.

I just hope we get the best D player on the board. If Chase falls to us…great.

If not…a trade back with someone wanting a QB, gaining a 2nd then taking this kid…I would be for it. Do the Bears want to replace Biscuit??? :slight_smile:

But in general you are correct about those three positions

Agreed. It’s early in the process but right now I think I’d like to first trade-down for someone like Simmons if possible, and if not, take Okudah or whichever OT we have graded the highest (I’m a bigger fan of Wills than Thomas myself but it’s close).

That’s my preferred scenario if Young doesn’t drop to 3. Heck it might be my top scenario regardless.

I think Simmons speed at the second level would radically transform our defense.

Previous players have no bearing on current players.

Relax I agree. I didn’t say they did. Point is Ohio State has one of the best rosters money can buy. 1st point. They are loaded with talent and this kid started and was a standout. They put a lot of players in the NFL. Second point is that their scheme may help this kid have an easier time adjusting to the pro game. So the point is drafting a CB may not be a bad move if you get a good one. I am more comfortable drafting a CB if other positions are filled thus my comment about FA and I also alluded to I wouldn’t mind if he were picked later than #3. I will admit, I do think this kid has a great chance at success and appears to have his head on straight. Problem is most take a while to adjust.

We all realize they are all just PROSPECTS at this time and none are guaranteed to be pro-bowlers. including Burrow and Chase or Thomas.

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QB is ridiculous. The obvious pick for the Lions is likely DT Brown as he fits our biggest need of someone who can create pressure up the middle.

I hope to see Simmons in the title game. His resume sounds like a Brian Urlacher type and maybe a bit faster. We have a huge need at LB as we are probably the worst set of LB’s in the NFL today. Patricia can use a player like that and if he sees Simmons as that impactful I would see the Lions using FA to address the DT issue which we will know before the draft!

He’s not nearly as big and stout as Urlacher was.

No, but he is quite a bit faster and just as long.

Correct. Twitchier as well. He’s probably more Derrick Brooks like if we’re comparing him to Hall of Famers. I don’t think he’s Derrick Brooks of course. Do really like him a lot though