A look at Stafford's season thus far

You beat me to it. Broken back was probably sucking some of his energy too, but the biggest thing was him running for his life every play. Mostly backup OL, zero starting WRs, not a single NFL caliber WR, RB, or TE available on Sundays, (injuries @ RB &WR, & no TE on the roster).

I’m pretty sure we had a few games late in the season, where Matt and a coupe of the OL were literally the only starters on the field.

OC is the biggest difference. Talent around him is 2nd biggest. Wait’ll we get that dude a legit run game! Our QB is, and always has been, a stud.


Wolf, you might want to visit the doctor
You are posting some bad misses right now
Whatever you have may need attention


But he can’t be having this good of a year, we have no run game.

He is playing great. You can’t really expect him to play much better than he is playing.

Brady, Dak, Mahomes, Rodgers, Wilson, Watson, Stafford.

Top 7 QBs this year so far IMO (yes I am aware Mahomes is injured)

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Sure he can , always has , been doing it without a run game his entire career…
Being an Elite QB talent has nothing to do with wins … Stafford has not improved or become more talented . Filet mignon is Filet mignon and yet totally different in the hands of Bobby Flay then in mine .

Tom Brady " I wish I had the arm talent and frame Stafford has so I could make the throws he does"

Stafford " I wish I had the Goat for a HC and offensive system in place for my entire career and a stellar Defense and running game that Brady has "


Rodgers is doing just fine and winning games while Aaron Jones has been average running the ball.

Brady is doing just fine and winning every game while Michel and White are just getting just 3.3 ypc each.

Nick Chubb is running the shit out of the ball and yet Mayfield sucks ass.

Zeke is one of the biggest running threats in the league, yet Dak is still average AF.

Bottom line, this isn’t the NFL of old. You don’t have to “open up the passing attack with the run game”. You can literally throw the ball on every down as long as you dump it off to your backs now and then.

Just look at yesterday. We didn’t let Barkley run wild on us at all. He didn’t do much of anything carrying the ball, yet Daniel F’ing Jones looked like a HOF QB against us.

Do you fact check before you post… ever? You spread misinformation around here like the plague.

Aaron Jones “Average” at running the ball. 2nd in the league in rushing TD’s. 12th in YPC among backs with over 100 carries. Also 3rd among running backs for receiving yards.

Dak “Average AF” First in the league in QBR, 8th in passer rating, 15 TDs to 7 INTs, 3rd in yards per pass.

Cut the crap, you’re not fooling anyone. Daniel Jones looked like HOF QB yesterday? What an egregious statement.

Just because you like to yell as loud as you possible can, doesn’t make you any less incorrect.


You slow or something? Jones is 12th in the league? Yippee, that’s called average. As for receiving yards, read my damn post. I said using backs in the passing game is where it’s at in today’s game.

Yes, Dak is average AF. He has legit weapons and perhaps the best RB in the league and he can’t get out of his own way. 12 TDS and 7 Picks in 7 games with a 81 rating. Lol. Yep. AVERAGE AS FUCK

Yes, Daniel Jones went 28-41 for 322 yards, 4 TDs and no picks and a 124 rating. Yes, we made him look like a hall of famer. Don’t be ignorant with facts.

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While this is true the Lions were without 3 starters in the secondary. Slay was out, Walker and WIlson both got hurt during the game and early in it. SO I do not feel that bad, when a team is missing 3 out of 4 starters (or 5 if you count NB) and still get the win it isn’t that bad. Not to mention that Jones made some great passes to Slayton and he in return made some great catches. That is going to happen sometimes, but it is not something to worry about just yet IMO.

That will never happen! Been waiting 12 years.
Coming into the season, I felt like we had the right backs to have success running the ball.
Quinn over thought it and now we have, the equivalent of last year’s TE room. Nothing!

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I don’t feel bad either. Got the W. All I am saying is Stafford is playing very well and the defense has been pretty bad most of the year. We should be prioritizing trying to fix the defense over adding more weapons to an offense that has been much improved from last year. If we played a good team yesterday, we could have put up 50 points and still lost. That’s how bad our defense has been. I’m glad we played the Giants. That buys us time to figure out some things on the defensive side of the ball.

You are wrong, my brother! We’ll get one! Sure was a blow to the organization when Best went down. Hated How terrible the OL was when we had KJ, he was a good one. We just need to build an OL. Hated that TJ Lang and Wagner didn’t work out. Both looked like good moves on paper. We need to upgrade at least 2 OL.

While Stafford is under 50? I don’t see it. Especially with what we see of “fixing” the run game this year. Carson and McKissic are not better than ZZ and Theo.

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Truth! KJ’s career will be short, if we continue with this trajectory too. We need to get him some help. I still have hopes for Ty, but it’s obvious they don’t trust him with blocking yet, so it makes him one diminsional. How different would yesterday’s game have looked if Ty would ave caught one of, or both of the ones he missed (one would have been a tough catch, for sure).

I think we need OL help even worse than RB help. Symbiotic relationship, thought. Must have one, in order to have the other (unless you have Barry Sanders).

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Dak is avg.
Dak is not remotely a top tier talent in this league. When things are good the kid can hold his own , take away the running game or force him to play from behind tells the real story to Dak Presscot …
Daniel Jones if I had the choice at either would be my pick everyday of the week .

Dak Presscot career #'s when trailing or tied .

1057 pass attempts , 676 completions 63% comp %, 18 TD’s , 22 Int’s with a QB rating of 80.


AND the 2 TDs Melvin allowed were so close to being pass break-ups! Super tight coverage. WR made a couple plays.

…and Diggs was nowhere to be found! Ha


If Dak is average… Why is he always at or near the top of every important statistical category? If Dak is not a top tier talent, why does he have such a great winning %?

Reality doesn’t back up what you and the other delusional Prescott hater believe. Stafford the comeback kid had made 4th Q comebacks in 18.9% of his career games. 14.5% for Prescott. Yeah… Dak certainly folds the tent when they get down!! LOL!

Dak game winning drive rankings:
2018- 2nd in NFL with 5
2017- Tied for 1st in NFL with 4
2016- 4th in NFL with 5

Dak 4th Q comebacks:
2018- Tied for 4th in NFL with 3
2017- None
2016- 3rd in NFL with 5

People also forget that Dak is only in his 4th year… imagine if you graded Dak on the same curve as Stafford.

Dak is one of the top QBs in the league. Stats point to that…as does his record in this league. Add in his intangibles: Natural leader, hard worker, great teammate, tough as nails, and durable. There aren’t many in the league better than Dak. Dak is not a flashy talent or even a great natural talent. He’s a grinder, and it’s easy for people to overlook his body of work because of that.

Comparing to the rest of the league, Prescott stacks up pretty well. He’s third in the league in completion percentage despite leading the league in dropped passes; for what it’s worth, Prescott’s completion rate would balloon to 77% if all the dropped passes were caught, which would easily lead the league. He’s also third in passing yards, and should rise up the leaderboard now that the two passers ahead of him, Matt Ryan and Patrick Mahomes, both left their games with injuries this week. Prescott is also tied for fourth in passing touchdowns.

But where Prescott’s impressive performance is really reflected is through advanced metrics. Prescott is second in the league in total air yards, second in air yards/completed pass, and first in air yards/attempt. This means that Prescott is throwing the ball far and connecting on those deep passes at a very high rate; he’s also fifth among full-time starting quarterbacks in average depth of target with 9.5 yards. Additionally, Prescott ranks 27th in poor throw percentage, with only four qualifying passers having thrown a lower rate of poor throws than Dak; of those four passers, none even come close to Dak in regards to depth of targets or air yards. Not surprisingly, Prescott is third in the NFL in yards/attempt with 8.9 and second in net yards gained/attempt with 8.24.

In looking at the NFL’s Next Gen Stats, another advanced form of measuring performances, Prescott earns high marks again. So far, Prescott leads the entire NFL in completion percentage above expectation with a +8.1 differential. Based on things like distance, separation, and location on the field, Prescott’s expected completion rate is 62.5%, which would rank 20th in the league. His actual completion rate is significantly higher at 70.6%, meaning he’s way overperforming. Furthermore, Dak has been doing this in every single game, putting him in rare territory:

Finally, there are three metrics that serve as a way to measure overall performance and value, adjusting for other variables like pass protection, receiver drops, quality of opponent, and other things. The most popular one is QBR, and Prescott has led the NFL in that for quite a while now. His 81.1 QBR is just ahead of the now-injured Mahomes, who sits at 80.7.

Two other metrics are DVOA and DYAR. In short, DVOA for an individual player means they have more value per play, while DYAR means more value overall. To that end, Dak moved up to second in the league in both of those figures, with a 688 DYAR and a +31.4% DVOA. Only Mahomes is ahead in both categories, but with him set to miss at least a few weeks, Prescott is likely to move ahead of him.

Not only has Dak provided great value, both on an overall basis and on a play-by-play basis, but he’s been incredibly efficient as well. Looking at the chart compiled by Ben Baldwin of ESPN, Prescott ranks incredibly high in two main categories of efficiency, completion rate above expectation and expected points added per play:

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Dak= Average LOLLLLL

Dak= “Can’t get out of his own way” :rofl:

Better luck next time, fellas.

Thanks for chiming in, Mrs. Prescott. We all have eyes and know that he’s just a very dumbed down version of Russell Wilson. Prescott has a good defense, a great RB, some nice WRs to work with, one of the best offensive lines, and he’s still just another dude. Nobody fears his game at all. There are at least 20 QBs in the league that could do as much or more than Dak does, with what he has to work with.

Believe me, the 31 other teams in the NFL are just salivating at the thought of Jerry Jones writing blank checks to extend Dak and Cooper. Once he does that, they are going from being slightly above average to fighting the Redskins for last place. If they didn’t play in a minor league division, they wouldn’t have a chance at the playoffs this year.