A Lot Less Stress

I can watch 'em play out the season without the angst, it’s kinda you ask your girl to go to the prom with you and find out she’s going with somebody else. Again. Okay, maybe that’s a poor example, but the reality is that we ain’t going to the dance this year after high hopes for a different outcome. So, I can watch 'em somewhat objectively, or do something else on Sundays. Still gotta watch on T’Day though, tradition is tradition.

I was going to do a detailed analysis at the half-way point this year, but my heart ain’t in it. And it really isn’t that hard: they ain’t good enough. Top to bottom, although I will say that Martha is the best ownership we’ve had in my 60 years of watching 'em play. She ain’t really a football person, but I do think she wants to bring a winner the Detroit. Problem is, she might run out of time before it happens. And it ain’t easy, the competition is fierce. Maybe next year.


Ah yes, the Lions mantra…


Very true…the sucky thing is the offseason is 8 freaking months long.

Best we can hope for:

Hockenson not seriously injured.
Tavai, Harris, Bryant and/or Oruwariye get some/more time to develop.

I stopped watching after the GB farce.

Last three weekends since: disc golf with a beautiful weekend, dim sum in GR with family, and a 24 hour board game event which raised $1800 for the Helen Devos Children’s hospital.

WAY better than watching the Lions flounder. Starve the beast. Cut the cord.

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What’s funny, it didn’t bother me. It was like watching Ivar defeat Bjorne Ironside and Lagertha. It’s just a TV show.
One that our beloved central character(s) are a happless bunch that just isn’t capable of getting their shit together. Been watching this shit show for 52 years and it has finally sunk in.
It just doesn’t matter in my life.

I actually laughed out loud a couple of times. When in the past, I’d be throwing shit. Like the ball hitting Tavai square in the back and Stafford tripping over his own feet, falling flat.

It still bothers me and I get medically depressed.(I’m over it already and that never used to happen this quickly)

Today, I know the season is over in terms of playoffs and the big prize. The only thing to look forward to are individual stats. The defense looks years away from competing with the big boys.


I’ll always be a fan first and foremost. That being said, I can’t just watch for the fun of it anymore. If we aren’t in playoff contention, I have no desire to just watch. I’ve done that for 45yrs. I wish I felt differently. The lions are and have been the biggest non family part of my life. I just can’t watch a season “play out” anymore. I’ll still chat some cuz I love you guys and this place. But i wont be spending Sundays watching this crap we put on the field. Very sad lions fan here. I feel i’m losing part of who I am but maybe i’ll find a better me because of it


Stafford was by backup in FF, he’s now my starter. Hope the offense keeps it up.

Yep - best path forward is to check out and then just root for them to beat Chicago on Tofurkey Day.

I’m not there…yet. I do get there by the end of the season…numb to it all…

I’m glad I cut Directv this year and didn’t spend on Sunday Ticket. Money well saved.

It sucks looking forward to the draft so early. We’ll likely end up winning a few here and there just to end up with a pick between 15-20. Not high enough to get hitched to a couple of top prospects so it won’t be as exciting as the Millen years.

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I’m not looking forward to the draft, either. It never really helps. How much better are we than 2008, 11 years later?
We get Super Stars, and win 2 or 3 more games. Maybe go to the playoffs, only to have the refs blatantly rip us off and not a voice in the organization even whimpers out loud. Kelly Stafford has more balls than anyone in this organization!
Fucking pathetic! They’re all sell outs! You’ll never convince me otherwise.
Best just to accept that it’s a TV show put on by organized crime, much like politics.


Well if there’s no hope, there’s no point. For myself, the draft offers hope. Yes I know it hasn’t panned out EVER, but I still have hope we can get a group of players and coaches together that can change the culture and perception of this team.

God bless you, brother. Seriously.