A moment we can all enjoy

Enjoy, Lions fans. One of the greatest moments in Lions history.

Watching this draft was kind of funny. It’s great seeing the talking heads discuss whether or not Troy Aikman was a terrible pick. To Mel Kiper’s credit, he stepped in and said the Aikman pick was solid and that he thinks Aikman can help to elevate the Cowboys into Super Bowl champs within a few years while others called the Cowboys clueless. They also talked about Mandarich being a can’t miss prospect who could have even gone #1. They then debate whether or not Barry was the right pick, if he’s big enough to play in the NFL, etc. If only they knew what he’d become…I think they’d of spent a little more time on Barry and a little less time on Mandarich.

We never know until it happens.

Enjoy, Denizens.


Loved me some B Sanders! Hopefully we can make a splash in this draft, in the same likeness we found #20!!


A great memory.


Poor GB, 4 of 5 HOF’ers, they take Mandy. My favorite Packer moment.


On the other end of the spectrum, here’s a moment I’m sure we all hate that came moments later from the very same draft.

Anyone else hate Deion as much as I do? Every time Detroit comes up he talks shit about it. There’s something he’s always hated about Detroit. The Fords? The weather? The Lions? All of the above? Who knows, but he definitely never misses an opportunity to throw shade at Detroit.

Deion is such a twat. But a very talented twat, so he gets a pass.

Deion–we didn’t want you either.

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My ex wife taught Deiondra (Deions daughter) when he played for the Falcons. True story.
Everyday she would wear this necklace to school that was a big D made of gold, on the front of the D, it was nothing but diamonds.

Deion always acted like he was better than all. Just who he was. When he spoke to you, which wasn’t very often, it was in a condescending manner. Things changed when the ex wife helped them when a dire emergency arose in the classroom. Deion and his wife were present at the time.

I will save you for explanation of the emergency issue, but it did change his attitude with the ex wife.

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Interesting (and not surprising).