A more controversial topic than politics (beer)

Exactly how i am. Beer, on the other hand…I drink Angry Orchard every time.

I literally have less than 6 alcoholic drinks/year though. (I’m aware that could be a controversial move). LOL

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Yeah, 6-8 miles south of L’Anse to the dirt road.

I dont count Angry Orchard as beer. I love the stuff with a shot of Fireball in it, though.

I can’t stand sweet wines.

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Wow, you and I go in so many opposite directions. I’ve done Fireball’s and every time I have one I come away thinking “what’s the big deal?” Some of my buddies can’t get enough of them and at the end of every major drinking night (like a Xmas party) they start yelling “FIREBALLS!” When I am feeling good and want to amp the night up, I call for shots of Patron. That’s my go to in that situation. I will never forget a group of guys I used to drink with after work. We all had the same habit. If anyone drank enough beer (or whatever) that they started calling for shots of Crown, we knew the night was over. We had too much to drink, and it was all down hill from there!

Is there any wine you like?

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LOL - when I go to nice restaurants, I tell them I like wet wine that is fruity. Wait staff always knows more about it than I do, so they usually come back with some sort of Moscato.

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I love most wines, just not sweet.

I dont like FB by itself unless it’s all that I’ve got. That’s why I add it to the AO – its like apple pie!

My favorite wines are all red, starting with Cab.

I know exactly where you are coming from and that’s exactly where I’m at. I can do every beer on the planet except for sours, but outside of sweet wines (mainly moscato) I have no interest. My chick is the same way in terms of sweet wine. She doesn’t like beer. Recently we found a wine called Rosa Regale that we both love. We realize that most die hard wine drinkers would make fun of us…but we give zero fux.

I didn’t understand anything in your post other than “FB” = Fireball. What the hell is AO? Why the hell would you mix Fireball with something else? What the hell is wrong with sweet wine?

As a side story, I remember working at a nuclear energy site where they were building 2 new nuclear reactors. Obviously, you couldn’t get thru the security checkpoint with weapons, alcohol, etc. We had to scan our badges, get a log of our exact entrance and exit times and all of that garbage. But it was well beyond that. Having anyone “get caught” at the gate set off a series of events that nobody wanted to be a part of. An investigation, tons of paperwork and meetings, people possibly getting fired…you get the jist. It was a site that if you opened a door and then didn’t turn around and literally watch it close completely…you could get in trouble or even tossed off site if you were caught doing it.

Fast forward to me coming thru the security checkpoint in my truck. For years I’ve kept an empty box in my truck to throw things in, and to me that’s all I’ve got in my truck. The short version is, I went to Costco and they gave me empty boxes to put my stuff in. I took all of the boxes out except one. The one I happened to keep was…a Fireball box. I didn’t buy Fireball, it was just one of the empty boxes they handed me at Costco. So it looked like I was entering the site with a case of Fireball in my truck! Lucky for me I was high enough on the food chain that all that happened was a brief vehicle search and an incident report that I was able to quickly tamp down. Had a been a regular worker things would have gone differently.

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AO = Angry Orchard, which I mentioned earlier in the thread.

Sweet wine sucks, that’s what’s wrong with it. :wink:

So sucking is a bad thing? I’ve never reported that sucking is something wrong with a female that I’ve dated.

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-Bill Ford