A nice win!

If you’re gonna bitch when they suck then IMHO you oughta give some praise when they don’t. And today they played pretty good football I thought. Jax sucks for sure, but the Lions went in there and took care of business. Now comes the hard part - they gotta do it again next week and the week after that and so on. But, not a bad game to build on.


I credited them in my thread. Be damned if I’m doing it again here…


Next week is a big one. ATL has a talented roster. One week at a time. Our next 6 opponents are a combined 11-25. If we are going to go on a run now is the time.

As we’ve known for a long time the schedule gets brutal after Thanksgiving.

Bears game is such a damn shame. I’m feeling fairly optimistic right now if we’d just held on in that one.

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Defense looked like it wanted to play today. Hope to see this kind of effort every week.

We still suck, but we are better then Jacksonville. Maybe we go on a huge run and start winning game’s.

It’s Jacksonville they are not a good team.

Ryan and his WRs just ran a track meet on the Bears.

Truant I am sure wants to play that game, hopefully he was close this week and the call was to save him for his old buddies next week.

I agree it was a nice win for the Lions. Now they just have to show that they can do it more often.

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damn right Wise…good thread man.

Agreed. Jacksonville is bad but so are we and we dominated them today. The game was never in question. It was nice to watch a game and NOT have drama. I’ll take that. Just win.

And now just win two in a row.

I look at today as more damning to this coach than redeeming.

The Lions are clearly better than the dregs of the league, but our record hasn’t reflected that.

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The Chicago game is just a crushing blow as we all knew when it happened. Hold onto that one and the perspective on the season’s early going is very different.

I’m still expecting to find out that he actually majored in Rockette science.

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Do you think QuinnTricia are the answer?

Be honest: yes - or no

If it’s “no”, do you want this regime falsely rewarded, because they can beat 5-6 teams in this league??


4-12 record. Bad enough to get these clowns fired… but not bad enough to get Lawrence

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Pretty sure we just beat the team Lawrence will be playing for next year

Yes but those are the teams you have to win against and they got the job done so give them some credit

There was a time when this team wouldn’t beat a bad team on the road.


Yep. Them or NY x 2. Lions Bengals Washington are in the next tier of suck. Washington has worse talent than the Lions and Bengals but better coaching.

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There is no way the NFL lets Lawrence land anywhere but NY. Certainly not Jacksonville.