A nice win!

I agree…

I’ve been critical of the team and coach but I have to give the coach and players props today. There’s still a lot they need to work on but they played hard and rallied around their coach. Especially when they knew his future was on the line. I think that says something and should give us some hope as fans.

Lets see if they can build on it now.

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In my opinion the goal should be the playoffs or their fired.


Nah. Jets got Trevor on lockdown. They’re one of the worst teams in years.


NYG and Washington are run of the mill bad.

JAX isn’t historically bad, but they look like a 3 win team at best.

Jets look like someone got the 2008 Lions 1000 piece puzzle box, missing about 175 pieces

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just win.we were up on all our opponents only to dink around and lose…so sick of comming out hot just to lose, this game was different, I fully expected them to bite it after halftime and they didnt fold this time…what does losing prove , that you can?
this game is WIN based and if you don’t …your nothing. like we have been , hows that losing games shit working for you??

bout time we learn to win.

and, they rotated all 8 offensive linemen into the game today - and zero sacks!

Kudos to Swift, he looks like a good one if he can stay healthy. OLs love to block for a guy that can bust one for 50 or 60. Was it me, or does Kerryon look like he’s about done? Injuries have taken their toll I think. ADP looks okay, but I’d like to see Scarbrough in there breakin’ tackles to complement Swifty. But Bo needs to stay healthy too.

Yep. It was a nice win. It’s fun to watch the lions look good.

Stafford had an average game. He threw a few beautiful passes and missed a few easy opportunities.

Swift had a breakout game. I’m excited to see more and more of him.

The defense looked much improved, particularly against Jacksonville’s lackluster run game.

Again, it’s definitely fun to watch the lions look good and win. I wish we got to see more of it. It’s too bad we can’t play the jaguars every week.

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Really? The Jets are off the charts terrible.

Edit: looks like a few beat me to it. But the Jets might be the worst NFL team I’ve ever seen

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The 2008 Lions beg to differ


One game can do a lot to set the narrative of a year. ‘Momentum’ is that mysterious word that seems to lie at the core of those games. I felt that way about the first Packers game last year - broke the narrative-back. That Bear’s game set the narrative of the first quarter. If they have the ability to pull out of that, kudos. Changing the narrative is a swim against the current. So kudos if they can do it.
Today is a game they should have won, and did. We can take this seriously if they keep winning all the games they should - and if they can, I guess that would bode pretty well against those next 6 or so. And then taking THAT momentum into the end of the season - is something to shake a stick at.

they would beat the 2020 Jets by at least 3 Tds.

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I don’t think it would be 3 TDs but I do think this Jets team may be worse.


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Not a chance

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Go back and rewatch those games and take a look at that roster, particularly what it became during the season. Frank Gore would run for 200 yards on that defense.

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why, because you say so? It is a hypothetical that could never be validated in the real world.

So, yes it would happen.

Looking at the Jets schedule and it is a tough enough slog for them the rest of the way as well. Very hard to see where they could get a win from. They are going to take a lot more beatings too.

You fail to realize that I have access to a parallel universe where things like this happen. I ran the game in the alternate dimension, and we lost 38-7.

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Yeah, Sam Darnold or Joe Flacco would look just like Matt Ryan did. 1st pass = a TD and all.