A nice win!

After week 5 last year, Miami was winless and scored 26 points while giving up 163. That was historically bad but they turned it around. The Jets this year have 75 points for vs 185 against - so aren’t as bad. After five games in 2008, the Lions were 76 vs 159…not as bad as the Jets. I have family who are Jets fans, and they are demoralized, don’t even watch games, have no idea who is on the schedule…tried to cancel NFL ticket, but DTV gave it to them for free… a ‘loyal customer’ perk!!!


Miami was different because they had their rookie coach (who is seemingly building something pretty good there). The Jets and Lions were products of an established regime.

I stand corrected. Kudos.

I mean… I guess it’s nice to watch your professional football team play competently for a change, but this was not a “good” win. This regime is garbage, and the sooner we can start over, the sooner we can have hope of fielding a team that could actually do something in the playoffs. This ain’t that.

It is bizarre that this year, there happens to be several teams looking even crappier than we’ve looked, but don’t kid yourself. The absolute ceiling for this team–playing in an off year where the NFC is terrible–is sneaking into the first round with 7 or 8 wins and getting crushed. This is a bad team with a bad coach and a bad GM and no future. The sooner we move on, the better.

Also, happy Monday!

In all seriousness, I don’t need to go around pissing on people who are feeling positive, but just want to get my opinion down for posterity. I am decidedly in the “Meh” camp at this point.

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This team has some talent that has been wasted by poor coaching. It very much is a bizarre year but we do have talent on the O side by any measure. All pro’s, nope, but NFL players that would contribute on any team in the league. The D, well, no we simply don’t have the players needed to play at even a marginal level. I buy into positive momentum, hard to say if it carries over to the Falcons esp since they got Jones back. It’s the kind of game they have to win if they need to win to show that they are improved. If not, hopefully the end is near for the front office.

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This is where I’m at. We have talent. We aren’t a 12-4 type roster, but we are definitely still a .500 level team and this clown of a coach can only dream of getting us there. We also have some puzzle pieces to build on for the next regime, which is nice.

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I wonder what Vrabel or Florez would have this team looking like right now.

I’m pretty sure we’re all there. Some are even past that point.

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A good game once in awhile doesn’t cut it. Hey, it was a nice win and they played well but in the NFL you gotta do it every Sunday and if you don’t then you’ll never win nothin’. And I’m am damn sick and tired of winning nothin’.