A quick note on supporting this site (No ads. Ever.)


Several of you have reached out and graciously offered to help with supporting this site. Right now, it’s pretty affordable. As it grows and we want to introduce some features, it might be an expense that my wife asks me to off-set. In that case, I might set up a Patreon membership, but it would never, ever, ever be required. Just for those who want to be involved on a giving level.

Ads (pop ups banners, etc) are intrusive, ugly, and unnecessary. They will never be a part of this forum. Ever.

In the meantime, let’s just talk football!


I’m in! I appreciate the work you put in. A few bucks won’t kill me. Actually, it really is the least I can do after you’ve done all the heavy lifting.



I’ll pick up some pop cans on the side of the road…that stuff adds up!


I’ll toss some cans on the side of the road to help you out, Weasel.



Can and bottles have no monetary value here in Tennessee, I’ll have to get creative.


Count me in as well. The way the Lions make us drink, funding Nate with a seasons worth of empties could set the Den up nicely. :beers:


I am glad you are here Flee. Welcome.


This could make an interesting fundraiser if the need ever arose …


I’d have no problems donating some fundage to keep things old school and keep the forum ad free. And thanks again Nate for taking this on, this is like a walk down memory lane seeing some of the “old school” names I haven’t seen for a dogs age. :metal: Live long and prosper!


A $10 membership fee is something I’d support since it helps Nate and it would keep some trolls out.


I’d like to take a moment and say thanks as well. We can never have too many places to talk football.

However I’d be down to donating some Lions tickets as a fund raiser if it ever came to it. Or just donating some cash.

Or we could arrange a yearly tailgate and all proceeds go to the Den.

Nate is it ok if I invite some of the old timers who quit posting at the old site?


Let us know when, I’m supporting your generous servant hood Nate.


Honestly Nate, this is awesome. Your doing this out of our own pocket and the time you use building and maintaining this site is unbelievable. I would love to donate some money for the site. Also love seeing the old school people on here. Love getting some lions insight from you all


Bringing it back!! I love it!!! Like it used to be…


Right on! Very impressed with the layout, cleanliness and function of this place. Would love like to help some!

Got tired of the spam posts on other places!


Thanks for the generosity, @Air2theThrown . Yes, invite others! I’d love to see some of the vets return!

We should also put a tailgate on the schedule soon. It was one of my biggest regrets being unable to do this…


I have no problem throwing ya a couple of pesos.


I’m going to put my nerdy dad-hat on for a second, Nate. :older_adult:t4:

You’ve done this before. You’ve tired of this before. For your own sanity’s sake, make sure you have contingencies in place for when your labor of love begins to make you feel like a beast of burden. For the record, you should probably scratch “turn over to a larger media outlet” off your list. :grin:

I’ve been part of this group and others before. Unless they’re able to generate revenue from their endeavor, 99% tire of it and get distracted by real life stuff. When that happens again, make sure there’s an assistant admin able to shoulder the load for a long period of time so you can attend to personal things without worry of a bunch of goofball Lions fans.

Dad-hat off. :boy:t4:


Ha, yeah, we’re not going the network/media outlet direction again. I’ve already been recruited in the last couple of months by another network before this effort and turned it down. Been there, done that. We’ve always done better as an independent.

(A note on this: In the past, I’ve written about the Lions or had a writer like Mike Mady in Detroit covering the team for a network. In return, the network provided a platform and shared ad revenue, which was always nominal. Between my current work and a severe lack of interest in actually writing about the team, or being held to a contract to produce “articles,” the idea of signing with a network is nauseating. Too many bad experiences/lack of interest. It won’t happen. Plus, my wife would murder me.)

The great thing about this forum software is that the more people become regular, trusted users, the system responds by granting them control (within reason) that allows them to help curate, police and keep this place clean. So even if I get hit by a truck tomorrow, we’ll be OK. That, and the moderators are back. :slight_smile: